20th Anniversary

A Letter From Kinmore

To Dear All: 

Founded in 2003, 2023 is the 20th year of Kinmore’s journey.

Happy 20th Birthday, Kinmore!

At the very beginning, Kinmore was just a small workshop of about ten people. Then we’re growing step by step, and also relocated many times. Now Kinmore has several production bases for the design and production of PMDC Motor, BLDC Motor and Gear Motor, with more than 1200 R&D engineers and production staff. We have our own deep understanding of how to improve our competence in the motor industry.
We are always striving to improve the quality of our products.

In Kinmore, we make customer’s projects successful by providing DC motor and gearbox drive solutions. Our drive solutions and products system are widely involved from auto parts to smart home appliance, from personal care to industrial and commercial equipment, from only motors to motors with gearboxes, and then to custom solution. More and more customers speak highly of our responsive and flexible drive solutions.

People might ask, how did Kinmore keep growing in the past 20 years?

For us, Kinmore is always focusing on those opportunities that can promote development. It’s not only about our product guarantee, but also our spirit: never give up. In the future, we will further expand our product lines, such as the field of new energy auto parts, high-speed motors for home appliances, and intelligent applications for the IoT. We will develop a lot of BLDC motors, make controller in house that will save more costs and provide more one-stop purchasing solutions for customers.
That is why we can keep moving forward.
Kinmore has gone through twenty years, we appreciate so much our customers and partners, who have helped us grow along the way, as well as our team and family .
Nowadays, sticking to the company values of Speed, Flexibility, and Partnership, we will keep moving on,  to contribute to the intelligent era of human society.

Again, Thank you all!