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VR Trip: PMDC Motor Factory

Located in Guangming, Shenzhen, here is Kinmore’s PMDC motor factory that can independently design and manufacture PMDC motors from raw materials to finished products. The PMDC motor factory focus on quality and efficiency, with its own motor parts producing ability and multiple automated production workshops. And also, we have a professional R&D team to customize perfect drive solutions for your projects.


  • IATF 16949 Certificated

R&D Laboratory

In the R&D laboratory, Our engineers can exploit the advanced equipment to conduct complete validation tests for motor performance like cogging torque, endurance, NVH, temperature shock, salt spray, vibration, EMC & EMI, etc.

It is worth mentioning that we also have a complete motor development process, equipped with the MAGTROL Motor Performance Tester, we can accurately design products that meet the performance requirements.

Also, we have a sample production department next door which can arrange full production for custom-designed samples.

Mold Workshop

The design of the R&D department is delivered to the mold shop, where the molds required for the production process of our other workshops are manufactured.
Equipped with multiple Sodick wire cutting machines and other professional mold making lathes, we can complete the original design accurately and efficiently.

In addition, the engineers in the mold shop independently develop various tooling and fixtures to improve the production efficiency of other workshops and optimize the production process.

Motor Parts Stamping Workshop

In the motor parts stamping workshop, we have a wide range of stamping lathes to complete the primary machining process of motor housings, back covers, armature laminations, shafts, spacers, etc. The self-produced motor accessories have improved our control over product quality.

Moreover, the automated one-piece casing processing stamping lathe can complete the stamping and forming of the motor casing and the punching of the casing at one time, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Rotor Workshop

The VR pictures here mainly introduce several parts of rotor production.

  • Rotor Coating: For those motors that require a relatively high insulation level, we will coat their rotors. We use automated equipment to coat the rotor, and the coating is uniform and meets the insulation requirements.
  • Rotor Winding: We wind the rotor in different quantities to meet the performance requirements of the motor.
  • Rotor Balancing: Before the rotors are assembled to the motor, they need to be calibrated and balanced to ensure the smooth operation of the motor. In this process, we use automated machines to measure and calibrate the rotor and cut it.
  • Rotor Automated Production Line: This is an automatic line set up for mass-produced motors, which can automatically complete the rotor winding, welding accessories, calibration and balance, and other processes.

The Final Assembly Workshop

In the final assembly workshop, there is the assembly of the rear cover and the overall assembly of the motor.
On the assembly line, product quality is strictly controlled, with inspections by quality inspectors and individual inspections of each assembly station. After the product is completed, there is also a finished product inspection to ensure that the parameters and performance of the product meet the production requirements.


Here is our finished product warehouse, where all produced motors are stored.

We use a professional system to register and manage the in and out of materials to ensure orderly warehouse management.Warehouse staffs regularly summarize the management of shipments and also pay attention to keeping the warehouse clean and fire safety precautions.

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