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Enabling the Future with Motor Technology.​


Innovation Strength

      Kinmore owns 4 R&D Teams with 70+ experienced R&D engineers, 5 engineers with more than 20 years of industry experience while other 25 engineers with more than 10 years. Our engineers utilize FMEA, VE, etc. advanced design technology, and the latest analysis system like MEA Motor Performance Analyzing System, Starting Torque Tester, Gearhead Design Software to design a product. We also exploit the advanced equipment to conduct complete validation tests like Cogging Torque, Endurance, NVH, Temperature Shock, Salt Spray, Vibration, EMC & EMI Tests, etc.  

Technology and Process

Motor Housing with Zero Taper Design

-Premium repeatable precision
-More stabilized with minimized performance deviation benefiting from discarding self-aligned bushes

Rotor with Subsidiary Groove Design

-The motor runs smoothly due to such a subsidiary groove design that reduces cogging Torque greatly
-It is the best choice for servo motors such as driving motors in automotive actuators

High Power (Energy) Density Design

-20% higher Torque Output per volume based on optimized stator/rotor diameter ratio and slot profile

Minimized Axial End Play Motor Design

-The noise of gear transmission systems such as reduction gearboxes can be effectively suppressed with the application of minimized axial end play motor design (end play less than 0.10mm

End Cap with Built-in Choke Design

-Motors with built-in choke design satisfy the EMC requirement of ISO, EN, CISPR, FCC, etc
-Meet the industry standard in EU countries

Motor Development Plan

1. Requirements Analysis

In order to ensure that the new DC motor and gear motor can be delivered to customers with satisfaction, Kinmore sales engineers should be aware of customers’ projects and their requirements completely which include:
  • DC motor/ gear motor dimensions and connection inStallation dimensions.
  • Electrical performance data includes motor working Speed, working Current, and Torque, Stall Current, Stall Torque, work duty, working environment conditions, noise requirements, life expectancy, etc.
  • The markets regulation and laws (optional) such as UL, CE, RoHS, REACH, etc
  • Other requirements like the target of cost and delivery time.

2. Feasibility Analysis Report

Kinmore design team provide the Feasibility Analysis Report to customers that include:

  • Time of product development, product costs, and molds costs.
  • Design risk evaluation

3. Confirmed Motor Specification

Kinmore design engineers utilize advanced design technology like FMEA, VE, and the latest analysis system like MEA Motor Performance Analyzing System, Starting Torque Tester, Gearhead design software to design a product. The design processes include:

  • Gather all requirements from customers to set up the customer file.
  • Proceed Functional verification DC motor/gear motor by 2D/3D drawings
  • Make specifications and manuals.
  • Evaluate the necessary for apply patent

4. Design Verification

  • Design input/Output review
  • Pilot test: To test the full performance of the samples and validate all of the data meet the specification’s needs.

5. Set Up the Schedule

  • Set up the schedule and share the updated implementation with customers in real-time.
  • The development of necessary molds as well as the cost checking and annotation of them.
  • Pre-set the production process and confirm the list of equipment and facilities. Then complete the productivity evaluation.
  • Deliver the samples and run the motor test in the project. Then improve the samples until they are proved working perfectly for the project.
  • Organize the production lines based on human resources and the delivery time.

6. Delivery and More Services​

  • Manage the product lines to ensure the due time of batch delivery. Then arRange the shipping by the demands of customers.
  • After the delivery, we also provide full services for the customer to finish their project or for further cooperation.

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