Absorption, Responsibility, Efficiency.​​

Kinmore focuses on productivity and invests in purchasing and maintaining advanced production equipment every year. In recent years, the construction of multiple automated production lines has greatly improved the production efficiency.

  • 20+year experience in micro motor manufacturing
  • Annual Capacity: 90 million units;
  • 100+ types of DC motors and gear motors
  • 70% automation of the production line;
  • 1100+ employees;
  • 40,000+ square meters area
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Years of Experience
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Annual Capacity
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Prouction Area
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Types of Motors
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Workshops & Production lines

Metal Parts Stamping Workshop
Rotor Winding Workshop
Rotor Automatic Balancing Line
Rotor Automated Assembly Line
Gear Hobbing Workshop
Gear Motor Assembly Line

Facilities & Equipment

Sodick Wire EDM Machine
4-in-1 Back Cover Assembly Machine
WAHLI Gear Cutting Machine
CNC Automatic Lathe Machine
Oil and Glue Dispensing Machine
Automatic Varistor Soldering Machine