Solutions with Motors and Gearboxes

Shenzhen Kinmore Motor Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise dedicated to the development, production, and marketing of brushed DC motors, DC gear motors, brushless motors, and related drive solutions. The motor products and solutions we provide are widely used in Automotive Parts, Home Appliances, Industrial Equipment, Personal Care, Security Locks, Intelligent Devices, Health Care Devices, Valves & Meters, etc.

Kinmore Motor has been certified successively in IS09001, IS014001, and IATF 16949 system certification, and has been awarded the titles of “National High-tech Enterprise “, “Specialized, Refined, New SMEs”, “Precision Gear Motor Technology Research Center”. At present, the diameter of our motors ranges from 8mm to 80mm, all of which comply with CE, REACH, and RoHS standards.

Kinmore Motor attaches great importance to the development of motor technology and the continuous improvement of product quality. We have an experienced R&D team and advanced quality control testing equipment to ensure that we can provide customized and high-quality products. Our production team contains more than 1100 employees, with advanced production equipment and a high level of automation, which carries an annual output of 90 million units.

Kinmore Motor also focuses on integrating supply chain resources, continuously optimizing the supply system, providing customers with efficient, professional, and flexible services, and ensuring the success of customer projects.

Shenzhen Office

Marketing & Bussiness
Guangming Micromotor Factory
Micromotors (φ 20mm-80mm)
Tangxia Gear Motor Factory
Micromotors & Gearboxes
Shijie Micromotor Factory
Micromotors (φ 8mm-40mm)

Company Values:

Speed, Flexibility, Partnership



Kinmore Motor
In 2003,Shenzhen Kinmore Motor Co., Ltd. was founded, with the aim of providing high-quality dc motors all over the world.


Guangming Motor Factory
Also in 2003, Kinmore set up its first motor factory to manufacture micromotor (φ 20mm-80mm).


Another Motor Factory

In 2005, Kinmore established another micro motor (dia.8-40mm) factory to expand our product lines.


Gear Factory

In 2012, Kinmore set up a gear motor factory and Kinmore was able to carry out the production of both motors and gearboxes.


Automated Production Lines

In 2016, Kinmore started to build up fully-automated production lines for motor parts.


Brushless DC Motor

After years of research, Kinmore launched the brushless motor series and began to provide brushless motors and gear motors since 2020.


New Logo, New Journey
In 2022, Kinmore set up a new Brand Visual Identification, including the new logo design. We are aiming to provide professional drive solutions with motors and gearboxes.


Kinmore 20th Anniversary

In the last 20 years, we thank you for supporting the growth of Kinmore. In the years to come, we will stand together, build our dreams.