R&D Strength

CombineTechnology and Process

Kinmore Motor owns a strong R&D team, including more than 70 experienced R&D engineers and multiple R&D laboratories with advanced equipment. Our research and development areas include:

  • the design development of brushed DC motors, brushless motors, and gearboxes
  • the inspection and design of gears
  • the design and processing of precision molds
  • the automation of the production line.

Design & development of motors & gearboxes

Kinmore Motor adheres to scientific innovation and provides customers with innovative customized solutions for motors and gearboxes. Customized items including:

  •  the dimensions
  • internal structure
  • technical parameters
  • encoders and other custom accessories 

Inspection & design of gears

Kinmore Motor independently develops and produces gears, including gear detection, design and modeling, material selection, and automated production process design, to ensure that the quality and performance of gears meet the requirements. The types of gears include spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, worms, worm gears, etc.