Kinmore Motor Held the First ever Factory Live Stream

Given that our clients couldn’t visit our factory affected by the ongoing pandemic, Kinmore Motor decided to hold factory live stream to make existed clients and potential clients better understand the latest development of our factory. Although it was the first time for our team to do live streaming, the effect was not inferior to that of other professional live streaming teams. In particular, our two streamers were very confident and explained our factory’s production process, testing equipment and R&D team in detail.


If you missed our live stream, you could watch the replay at the following link:

As the live stream drew to a close, our streamers joined the engineers in wishing everyone a happy New Year!


If you’d like to know more, we have a live streaming of our factory on 15th January 2021, which is also worth expecting. A little secret: we’ll be updating the live streaming.

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DC Motors

Motor Quality Directly Impacts Final Product Quality

Many industries depend on DC Motors. In the decades before the DC Motor refined, their use was limited. Today many different applications are heavily dependent on these motors within a multitude of industries. Because its quality has a direct impact on the end product, it is essential to work with

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Analysis of gear drive system

Analysis of gear drive system

A gear drive requires two gears for operation. The two gear drives are spur cut, and the drive gear receives force from the power Output. The drive gear then transfers power to the driven gear. The gear drive relies on two or more intermeshing gears to transmit power. The gear

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DC motor

Some parameters of DC motor you should know

As the executive component of the motor, the DC motor has a closed main magnetic circuit inside. The main magnetic flux flows in the magnetic circuit while interlinking with the second circuit. One magnetic circuit is used to generate magnetic flux, called the excitation circuit, and the other is used

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