Kinmore Garbage Sorting and Environmental Protection Public Welfare

Each of us throws out a lot of rubbish every day. Do you know where the rubbish has gone? They are usually sent to the dumpsite first and then sent to the landfill. The cost of landfills is very high. The cost of processing one ton of garbage is about RMB 400 to RMB 600. People consume a lot of resources, produce on a large scale, consume a lot, and produce a lot of garbage. Humans produce a large amount of garbage every day, and a large amount of garbage that is not sorted, recycled, reused, and disposed of will cause environmental pollution.

Could it be that we can’t do anything about trash? There is a way, which is garbage sorting. Garbage classification is to sort and put the garbage at the source and make it into a resource through sorting, transportation, and recycling.

On November 27, 2021, Kinmore Motor organized a voluntary activity of garbage collection and sorting around the company, encouraging every employee to actively participate in garbage sorting and building a beautiful ecological civilization, which has received a widespread response from everyone.

In the afternoon of the same day, all employees of Kinmore Motor Electric Company gathered downstairs, and then divided into groups and areas, and then began to collect and sort the surrounding garbage. The specific activities included the picking of nearby leaves, peels, cans, and other garbage. Sorting, throwing non-recyclable garbage into trash bins, and sorting part of recyclable garbage such as cans, mineral water bottles, etc. During the activity, everyone put the rubbish (for example beverage bottles, fast food boxes, plastic bags, peels… etc.) that you saw along the way into the environmental protection bags and put them into the trash can.

Everyone seriously wants to do what they can for environmental protection and public welfare. Everyone worked together to complete this very meaningful thing. The activity lasted for 2 hours, and finally, the environmental bags were filled with all kinds of garbage collected by everyone. With everyone taking a group photo, the event has come to an end. Call on more people to participate in the environmental protection actions of garbage classification, and use actions to carry out environmental protection public welfare to the end! Kinmore Motor’s garbage collection and classification environmental protection public welfare activity have achieved complete success. Through this activity, helps everyone to establish a stronger environmental awareness, so that all employees are aware of the importance of environmental protection, and encourage people to start from themselves and take care of the environment. Hope that every citizen of society can use their own actions to protect the environment! This event is just the beginning, and we will launch more public welfare and environmental protection activities in the future.

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