Announcement on the relocation of Kinmore Motor factory

Founded in 2003, Shenzhen Kinmore Motor Co, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Micro DC motors and gear motors with related solutions. Kinmore Motor has been committed to becoming a one-stop supplier of high-quality motor products and a leader in R&D technology. To complete the industrialization upgrade, our company has now moved the small electrical machinery factory in Buji to No.12, Aoxin Innovation and Research Industrial Park, No.199, Puxinhu Avenue, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City in 2019.


Why did we move to the new factory?

First of all, the most important reason is the surge of orders. Our order volume in 2019 has reached a new high in recent years. With more applications that can not be separated from the use of a motor, the demand for motor partners is also increasing. Our factory has moved to a larger-space factory to ensure that the production can keep up with the order volume and timely delivery. On the other hand, to expand the production scale, our company intends to add a batch of imported advanced production equipment and testing equipment, but the Current factory layout is crowded, and the space utilization scope is narrow, so the new equipment cannot set up. Besides, the relocation of the factory is in line with our future development layout. 


The environment of the new factory

The advantages of the new factory

The new factory is located in the Aoxin Innovation and Research Industrial Park in Dongguan, which is surrounded by large areas of greenery and neat and clean roads. The new factory has five floors, an office area, a research and development room, a testing room and so on. The environment of the office area is spacious and bright, the equipment in the workshop is neatly displayed, and the sanitation environment is clean and tidy.


There is also an R&D department in the office area, including research and laboratory, which can carry out field experiments after the design prototype is completed, improving the efficiency of product design. The new factory has more than 90% automatic production equipment, rigorous information management, integrated production process, and standardized warehouse management system, purchased production equipment, testing equipment is complete and advanced, considerably improving the quality and Output of the motor.


The environment of the new factory

A better production environment will improve the production efficiency of our motors and provide new and existing customers with better power solutions.


Special note: This relocation includes all equipment, production lines, automatic assembly machines, management personnel, and employees of the existing factory. This relocation only involves the change of the factory site, and the company’s shareholders and organizational structure remain unchanged.

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