Experience the 5G era with Kinmore Motor


In this era of ubiquitous intelligence, how can there be less mobile communication technology! In recent years, the 5G network is undoubtedly getting more attention, so what can it bring us?


5G is more than just “fast”. On the application side, many scenarios require 5G support to run smoothly. For example, “smart city” systems built around the country and self-driving cars in the field of transportation all need the 5G network with high bandwidth and low delay.


5G era

5G networks can provide enhanced mobile broadband services with high Speed, low latency, and reliability. Its peak theoretical transmission Speed is up to 10Gb per second, hundreds of times faster than that of 4G networks, and more vividly described as 5G environments, can be downloaded in less than a second to complete a high-definition movie.


5G is a promoter of innovation and development in all walks of life. Through extensive and in-depth integration with vertical industries such as industry, transportation, and agriculture, 5G will facilitate more innovative applications and formats. “If 4G is life-changing, then 5G is society-changing.”


At present, 5G technology has been into commercial work, and the commercial use of 5G will vigorously promote telemedicine, industrial control, remote driving, smart city, smart home, and other applications into people’s lives as well as change the social lifestyle.


5G era

With the advent of the 5G era, the motor still plays an irreplaceable role in many fields. From factory equipment and medical devices to home automation and intelligent robot, motors act as little hearts. As the motor industry leader of electric tools, Kinmore Motor introduces motor solutions suitable for smart devices in the 5G era under its industry-leading technology and quality advantages.


Kinmore Motor believes that with the development of our equipment manufacturing industry towards a high, precision, sharp direction and the integration of industrialization and informatization, the development of the intelligent motor system will become a trend.



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