The classification of gear motor

Being a transmission device that is used widely, the gear motor mainly consists of the drive motor and the reducer. According to the transmission structure and application fields, gear motor can be mainly divided into large-scale gear motor, mini gear motor, gear reduction motor, planetary gear motor, dc gear motor, stepper gear motor, core-less motor, worm gear motor and so on.



Here is the introduction of some gear motors and their applications:

1.A large-scale gear motor has the characteristics of large volume, high power, large deceleration Range, high Torque. And it is widely used in industries like metallurgy, coal, building materials, shipping, water conservancy, electricity, construction machinery, and petrochemical.


2.Planetary gear motor has characteristics of small size, high transmission efficiency, low noise, power splitting, and multi-tooth meshing and can be used alone. It is mainly used in lifting transportation, construction machinery, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, building materials, light industry, medical equipment, automobile, shipping, high-Speed train, and aerospace.


3.Stepper gear motor is widely applied in industrial automation production equipment, industrial robot, robotic arm, office device, video conference equipment, electric curtain, intelligent sofa, intelligent hutch, and smart trash can.


4.Characterized by small size, low noise, high transmission accuracy, deceleration Range, and high Torque, a mini gear motor is mainly used in intelligent automobile transmission, consumer electronics, medical technology, smart robots, communication equipment, automatic industry device, smart home, and so on.


5.The application of gear reduction motor mainly includes electric machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, cement machinery, environmental mechanism, electronic products, road machinery, water conservancy machinery, mining machinery, conveying machinery, rubber manufacturing machinery, and petroleum machinery.


6.DC gear motor is widely used in electronic products, printer, aircraft, robots, logistics equipment, smart lock, camera platform, and precision instrument.


7.Gear motors for the robots are used in a variety of applications, including intelligent robots, service robots, medical robots, adventure robots, creeping robots, industrial robots, interactive robots, and educational robots.

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