Unveil the Mystery of Gear Motor

Gear motors are used in applications that require high Output Torque and lower Output shaft rotational Speed, especially where space and available power are limited. That describes a wide Range of equipment applications across multiple industries. From automotive wiper and window motors to hospital beds and patient lifts, robots to conveyor systems, automatic door operators to frozen beverage mixers, gear motors are critical to the overall performance of equipment that we depend on every day.

Gear motors

Definition of Gear motors

A gear motor is a single component that integrates a gear reducer with either an ac or dc electric motor. Gear motors can deliver high Torque at low horsepower or low Speed. In most cases, the gearbox intends to multiply the available Output Torque without increasing the power consumption of the motor while maintaining a compact size.

The trade-off for Torque multiplication is a proportional reduction in the Speed of the Output shaft and reduced overall efficiency. By utilizing the proper gear technology and ratio for specific applications, optimum Output and Speed profiles can be obtained with perfect mechanical fit to unlock the maximum value of your OEM device.

Application of gear motor

The gear motor often refers to the integration of micro DC motor and micro gearbox.  Kinmore Motor provides the micro gear motor series with customized parameters covering from 3.4mm to 45mm. Its applications vary based on the power supply.

High-power gear motors are widely applied in the food industry, electric machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, cement machinery, environmental protection machinery, electronic appliances, road construction machinery, water conservancy machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, conveying machinery, building materials machinery, rubber machinery, and petroleum machinery.

Low-power geared motors are widely used in smart homes, electronic products, intelligent automobiles, robots, automatic industrial equipment, mechanical and electrical products, home appliances, office equipment,  automotive wearable devices.


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At Kinmore Motor, our motor experts are here to help you understand your power transmission options. Whether you need the right motor to connect to your existing gear train or need help creating the optimal gear motor for applications such as ice-making equipment, food & hot or cold beverage equipment, or material handling equipment, we can help.

Contact a member of our sales team at +86-0755-21677419 or connect with us online.

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characteristics of micro - gear motor

Manufacturing technology characteristics of micro – gear motor

The characteristics mainly lie in the two aspects for manufacturing of the gear motor. One is the mechanical process, and the other is a special process. With the continuous development of new structure and production technology, many techniques from the different industries like the precision machinery, instrument, and apparatus, electronics,

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Announcement on the relocation of Kinmore Motor factory

Announcement on the relocation of Kinmore Motor factory

Founded in 2003, Shenzhen Kinmore Motor Co, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Micro DC motors and gear motors with related solutions. Kinmore Motor has been committed to becoming a one-stop supplier of high-quality motor products and a leader in R&D technology. To complete the industrialization upgrade, our

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