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Recently, Kinmore Motor is partnering with Xylem to solve water problem by signing The WASH Pledge at the Workplace, which aims to work towards a world with access to safe water and sanitation for all. Kinmore Motor is engaged to incorporate activities that do not sacrifice the global environment and human health and strive to make sustainable improvements through the improvement of the factory environmental management system and the safe drinking water system for employees, intending to achieve a sustainable society.


Drinking water sanitary, every bit of care is around

As the most basic public service, domestic water supply is related to thousands of households and the life safety of everyone. Kinmore Motor has always been committed to ensuring safe water use in factories and protecting the safe drinking water. To this end, our company has adopted a series of measures to solve drinking water hygiene concerns, allowing employees to drink healthy water every day, and follow the national “Drinking Water Hygiene Standards” to strictly monitor the water quality indicators of incoming and outgoing water to ensure pathogens. The microbiological index meets the national standard to ensure the safety of effluent water quality.


First of all, we have implemented effective drinking water solutions, 360-degree multiple safety guarantees, intelligent control systems, and convenient management. Every drop of water is freshly filtered, and 100% reaches the standard of direct drinking water. Besides, the water quality is inspected by the national health department. The warm boiled water undergoes multi-stage filtration and high-temperature sterilization treatment to remove harmful substances such as fines, viruses, and heavy metals to ensure freshwater quality.


Second, we specialize in improving drinking water management methods. Purchasing faucets made of stainless steel that meet the quality standards can effectively reduce the pollution of tap water; observe changes in the water quality of drinking water in time. If abnormal water quality is found, we will stop using them in time and seek solutions; regular cleaning of water pipes is beneficial to the extension. The life of the water purifier filter element prevents secondary pollution of tap water; reminds employees not to drink overnight water and save water.


Pay attention to hygiene and keep clean

To maintain a clean, tidy, and beautiful factory environment, office environment, production environment, and personal hygiene, and meet the requirements of environmental quality, Kinmore Motor carried out the “Environmental Sanitation Management Standards.” At the same time, we actively carry out educational activities to improve the environmental awareness of each employee.


Kinmore Motor believes that maintaining coordination with the global environment and protecting the global environment are critical themes. It builds an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 international standard and continues to commit to environmental protection activities. Regarding activities related to the environment, the company believes that it is vital for every employee to understand the environmental policy, understand the environmental management system, and carry out activities based on the knowledge, knowledge, and ability of environmental-related matters. Employees must not only have some requirements for their hygiene but also maintain a hygienic environment in the factory area. It is also the company’s responsibility for the health of every employee.


As a means of confirming and verifying whether the environmental management system meets the specifications and whether it is implemented and maintained, environmental audits are indispensable activities. Environmental audits mainly include external environmental audits (ISO14001) conducted by external certification bodies, company responsible persons’ audits of the factory environment, and customer suppliers’ environmental audits of the company.  We seek to maintain/improve the workplace environment where the safety and hygiene of employees and related personnel are the top priority.


Paying attention to the safe water and sanitary conditions of factory employees has always been the commitment of Kinmore Motor in the aspect of humanity. We are undoubtedly willing to make headway to in providing access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene to all employees, and in all workplaces, concretely contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 6.

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