What is a DC motor?

When it comes to DC motor, no one knows it better than Kinmore motor, who always strives to develop, design, and manufacture micro precision DC motors. Here is a detailed introduction to what is DC motor.


Definition of a DC motor


A direct Current (DC) motor is a type of electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. DC motors take electrical power through direct Current and convert this energy into mechanical rotation.


DC motors use magnetic fields that occur from the electrical Currents generated, which powers the movement of a rotor fixed within the Output shaft. The Output Torque and Speed depend upon both the electrical input and the design of the motor.


Features of DC motor

  • Runs on DC power or AC line Voltage with a rectifier
  • Operating Speeds of 1,000 to 5,000 rpm
  • 60-75% efficiency rate
  • High starting Torque
  • Low No Load Speeds

Types of DC Motor


The magnetic field coil and armature are in parallel in a shunt winding motor, also known as shunt, causing the magnetic field Current to be proportional to the load on the motor.


In a series-wound motor, the excitation coil and armature are in series, and the Current flows only through the excitation coil.


The compound wound motor is a hybrid motor with a parallel wound and series wound, which has two structures. The field of permanent magnet motors is allowed by the name created by permanent magnets.

DC motor

Applications of DC motor


Thanks to the different types of DC motors available, there are a wide variety of applications for DC motors. Kinmore Motor always provides the DC motor series with customizable parameters covering from 8mm to 80mm.


While each type has its advantages, broadly speaking, there are various uses of a DC motor. At home, small DC motors are used in tools, toys, and various household appliances. In retail, the applications of DC motors include conveyors and turntables, while in the industrial enviornment, large DC motor uses also include braking and reversing applications. All of the applications can be satisfied at Kinmore Motor.


In some industries, DC motors can operate efficiently at ideal Speed to cope with the requirements of the application. If you are looking for a solution that offers high Torque with gears, a DC motor supported by Kinmore Motor is a wise choice.


Because so much goes into the design and build of DC Motors, only a respected and trusted source like Kinmore Motor should be considered. Having highly skilled engineers create your motor specifically for your application ensures outstanding and reliable operation.


Customized DC motor series are available at: 

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