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Kinmore Drive Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Kinmore Motor is committed to motor drive solutions used in the automotive field. Our factory holds IATF 16949 certification and can produce standard qualified automotive motors.  Next, let’s take a look at the solutions of Kinmore Motor in the automotive field.

Central Lock
Car Instrument
Foldable Rear-view Mirror
Electronic Throttle (ETC)
Electric Vacuum Pump (EVP)
Electronic Parking System (EPB)
Exhaust Gas Recirculation(EGR)
Lighting System
Air Conditioner Baffle
Electric Trunk
Seat Adjustment
Window Control
Screen Holder
Sunroof Control

Electronic Parking System (EPB)

The Electronic Parking System has the basic functions of parking and releasing through the control of the motor; supplemented by electronic control, the EPB system can also detect the driver’s starting intention and perform starting assistance, prevent slipping, and anti-lock braking of the rear wheels. and other functions. The electronic parking system solution in our company mainly contains an RS-557SH motor, which has the characteristics of precise control, sufficient torque, low noise, and long service life.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation(EGR)

Exhaust Gas Recirculation(EGR) improve fuel economy while reducing harmful emissions by recirculating exhaust gas generated by the engine into the engine. An electric EGR valve is installed in the pipeline connected between the exhaust pipe and the intake pipe to control the intake of exhaust gas. The EGR valve solution we provide uses a customized version of the RS-390SH motor, which can be adapted to the control system to precisely control the opening and closing of the EGR valve.

Electric Vacuum Pump (EVP)

The electronic vacuum booster pump is an electric pump used to supplement the vacuum source of the automobile engine. The power performance provided by the motor used in the pump body is an important indicator. The electronic vacuum pump motor provided by our company is RS-9812SH. This motor has an outer diameter of 51.8mm, a speed of 5281rpm, and an output torque of more than 1.0kg·cm, which can provide sufficient power.

Our production workshop is equipped with an automatic production line of EVP motors, which greatly improves efficiency and quality standards.

Central Lock

The car central lock  is a system that can simultaneously control the doors of the whole car. The lock control actuator of the car door is used to implement the driver’s command to lock or open the anti-theft lock. Our solution is mainly based on the customized FT-280 motor. With its small size, sufficient power, and stable performance, This motor can adapt to the control requirements and provide accurate control.

There are also automatic production lines to produce FT-280 motors

Foldable Rear-view Mirror

The Foldable Rear-view Mirrors are folded where the vehicle parks and will automatically open when the vehicle is started. This design protects the mirror surface while reducing the parking space and avoiding scratches on the car’s body. FT-140A is the DC motor used in our company’s folding rearview mirror solution. This motor is small in size, cooperates with the control system, and can be precisely controlled. At the same time, it has low noise and long service life.

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