Brushless Motor Series Introduction

Launching new series of the brushless motor

KBL Series

This new KBL brushless motor series is here. With the non-motor-brush structure, the KBL series have better performance on noise control, heat control, and of course longer service life. Add to that an improvement of torque and efficiency, a quicker responding speed, a smaller size, and all the hall components you can customize.

Brushless motor is the future of drive motors and the KBL series is no doubt a leading one of its kind.

KCB Series

The KCB series of brushless motors are the coreless motors. This series can operate at very low speeds because the no-lamination-core structure produces no cogging torque. And it also has lower inertia, which allows a higher acceleration rate.

KCB series also offers higher power to torque ratios and longer service life when compared to a traditional brushed DC Motor.

KAE Series

The KAE series of brushless motors are the outer rotor motors. This series with larger rotors have higher inertia, which can provide a stable operation. For a certain motor diameter, the KAE series has a wider air gap than inner rotor motors, which will ensure higher torque.

The smooth operation and consistent speed of the KAE series are beneficial over other motor types in some high-precision applications like medical drives.

Drive Solutions in Multiple Areas

Sweeping Robot
Power Tools
Robot Arm
Bladeless Fan
Air Humidifier
Fascia Gun

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