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Manufacturing technology characteristics of micro – gear motor

The characteristics mainly lie in the two aspects for manufacturing of the gear motor. One is the mechanical process, and the other is a special process. With the continuous development of new structure and production technology, many techniques from the different industries like the precision machinery, instrument, and apparatus, electronics, and automation are mainly applied into the micro gear reducer to gradually form a special technology branch for the production of micro gear motors. 


characteristics of micro – gear motor

Here are the key characters as follows:

1.There is a big difference among the outside size, production volume, and unit value for the micro gear reducer. Since the Gearmotor are various in type and size, it must require reasonable origination and plan in production. For instance, the yearly demand is only several sets for some special micro gear reducer. However, the yearly production of Gearmotor is around several million, tens of millions, and even more, for the big volume application in-home appliance like the recorder, wash machine and other machines with small power. 


2.The manufacturing technics for the micro gear motor includes the iron core, winding, plastic parts, surface treatment, pre-assembly of the insulator, etc. Meanwhile, it also applies to many production technologies like machining, powder metal, electronic circuit, EDM, welding, precision stamping, cold extrusion, and precision testing, which will request special processing equipment and reasonable organization and plan for the production, especially for the high precision technologies like tool-making, casting, and plastic part processing.


3.As a part of the system, the gear motor should have high reliability and high dimensional accuracy. On the one hand, it is required to keep the symmetry of the magnetic circuit and the balance of the electronic circuit. On the other hand, the relevant geometric tolerances should be tight. For instance, Coaxiality between the stator and rotor should be small. The division error and accumulated tolerance between the stator and the tip of the rotor punching sheet should be reduced to several minute arcs. The fitting dimensional precision should achieve the lever of IT5-IT6 generally. To ensure the processing accuracy and consistency of the relevant parts and components, we need to apply some processing and inspection equipment with high precision and full automation.


4.The constant emergence of the micro gear reducer with a new structure and mechanism has driven the constant upgrading of the processing technology. With the continuous enhancement of technology and popularization of standardization and generalization in the components, we have to constantly develop and apply the new technologies accordingly to meet these growing needs from the market. Such as the technologies of less and no cutting process, which includes powder metal, fine blanking, cold extrusion, rolling weld, printed electronic circuit, automatic machinery processing, line production, etc.


characteristics of micro – gear motor

The technological process for the micro gear motor can be divided into some special technologies like machining, stamping, casting, insulating treatment, heat treatment, plastic compression, winding, assembly, testing, etc. Every technic also can be separated into some individual process. The importance of the technological process stays in two aspects. It is the base of production organization and the manufacturing of workpieces, which will directly affect the quality, productivity, and equipment utilization. It is also the foundation for the plant layout and process routing on the other.

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