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Fighting Against the Epidemic with Kinmore Motor Co., Ltd

COVID-19 is the biggest epidemic in more than 100 years. Its outbreak has had an unprecedented impact on the world. Human lives bear the brunt, with hundreds of thousands dying from COVID-19; The economy of all industries has been severely impacted which caused that thousands of enterprises have been closed due to their inability to maintain, and trade links between countries around the world have been badly disrupted. In the early stage of the outbreak, our government introduced strong measures to fight against this pandemic, and various industries took safety precautions to restore the normal order of industrial development. Shenzhen Kinmore Motor Co., Ltd was no exception.


Fighting Against the Epidemic with Kinmore Motor

In accordance with a series of prevention and control measures issued by the state and provincial government, Kinmore Motor carried out a thorough elimination of the working environment and prepared adequate protective equipment such as disposable medical masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizer, temperature guns and so on to meet the requirements of work resumption.


Ensure that every employee has adequate face masks and hand sanitizers, that their body temperature is checked on and off the job, that daily health status is collected, and that travel reports are reported, so as to minimize the risk to workers and the workforce and decrease interaction between people from outside. At the same time, we are constantly adapting our response strategies by keeping abreast of the latest information on COVID-19 and its signs and symptoms, such as fever and dry cough.


In order to ensure the normal income and life of employees, Kinmore Motor implemented the policy of paid sick leave for employees to compensate for the loss of shift. During the epidemic, some enterprises withheld their employees’ wages one after another, leading to a lack of protection of workers’ rights and interests and an increase in unemployment. To prevent that phenomenon from happening in our company, we has the courage to take responsibility, putting the protection of employees’ rights and interests in an important position, and paying our employees’ salaries on time.


In view of the social and psychological crisis caused by the social and public health crisis, Kinmore Motor has set up a social and psychological health workstation, which mainly involves mental health counseling, fatigue, work efficiency and psychological stress caused by the isolation of employees to relieve employees’ anxiety, worry and panic, and to establish a positive attitude for employees.


Fighting Against the Epidemic with Kinmore Motor

We timely contact with the foreign customers, explain the reason for the delay in delivery date, and send protective items such as disposable masks, protective suits, etc. The efforts made by Kinmore Motor in the fight against COVID-19 have been very effective. At present, all our industrial activities have returned to normal again, with no confirmed or suspected cases among our employees. We fought like soldiers in an uphill battle against this epidemic. Now we look forward to stabilizing the economy by reinvigorating business production.

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