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Team building | Gathering strength and forging ahead

Like the Chinese online users say that beyond the pots and pans, there should be poetry and the far afield; the one who works in a big city would like to say that beyond bustling about work from morning till night, there should be colorful team building activities.


To this end, on September 25th and 26th, Kinmore arRanged a two-day team building activity with the theme of “gathering strength and forging ahead” to enrich the entertainment life of employees, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, and create a healthy and positive corporate culture atmosphere, so that everyone can fully integrate into the Kinmore family.


Teamwork matters, and we did a great job. The two-day activity consisted of water balloons fighting, challenging the NO.1, island survival, kayaking, TAKAGISM, and surfing. Through the training and instruction of the coach, in each challenging part, we put into each other’s work, did our best, and worked together, giving full play to the wisdom and tacit understanding of the team members.


While having fun and stimulating, we also got to know our team again, realized the importance of team leadership, organization, and coordination ability, and realized the importance of role positioning and empathy. Besides, we had a two-hour barbecue on the beach at night. At the same time of relaxing our body and mind and eliminating fatigue, it also enhanced mutual trust and deepened mutual friendship.


In September, we went forward together in the outdoors, harvested the positive power, happy power, vigorous power, and the strength of unity! The expansion of the team was full of surprise, affection, and joy. We completed all the set tasks and effectively enhanced the sense of collective honor and team cohesion.

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