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Our custom development services focus on customer needs and use our expertise and experience to provide the best solutions. Our team will work with you from design to production to ensure the custom motor and reduction gearbox meet your requirements. Whether it’s performance, size, work environment, or other needs, we can provide customized solutions to help you achieve project success.
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Better performance
than brushed motors

Our products are not just motors, they are the crystallization of technology and innovation. Compared with brushed motors, our products have better performance, improved efficiency, and reliability. By using advanced technology and materials, our motors can operate stably under a wider range of working conditions and have a longer service life. When you choose us, you will experience the superior performance and reliability brought by industry-leading motor technology.

Efficiency improved

The brushless design reduces energy loss, has high power conversion efficiency, and effectively increases the output power.

longevity and reliability

No need for carbon brushes and commutators, which reduces maintenance, and greatly extends the service life compared to brushed motors, reducing costs.

Noise control and EMC

Noise and Electromagnetic Disturbance are significantly reduced, improving stability and user experience.

High control accuracy

Precise electronic control of speed and torque, strong adaptability, and high precision, meeting complex application requirements

Optimize heat management

When the motor runs at high efficiency, it generates less heat and relies less on the cooling system, resulting in better motor performance.

Control methods of brushless motor

Brushless motor control solutions require specific control devices to realize their functions. When selecting an appropriate control scheme, consider not only performance requirements, but also cost and system complexity. In the control scheme of brushless DC motor, the three most common methods are: Trapezoidal,Sinusoidal and Field Oriented Control (FOC).

Control MethodPrincipleAdvantagesDisadvantagesKey Components
TrapezoidalThe motor windings are excited sequentially, with each excitation of two phases producing a square wave current.Simple structure and low cost; suitable for cost-sensitive applications.Torque fluctuation, noise; poor running smoothness.Electronic speed controller (ESC), Microcontroller unit (MCU), Hall sensors
SinusoidalThe motor phase current is accurately adjusted and changes according to the sinusoidal waveform to provide smooth rotation.Smooth operation, low noise; medium cost, improved performance.The control algorithm and hardware requirements are more complex than Trapezoidal control.Digital signal processor (DSP), high-performance MCU, Current sensors
FOCThe motor current is decomposed into two components, magnetic flux and torque, and controlled separately to achieve precise torque and speed control.High efficiency; optimal running smoothness and dynamic response; precise control of speed and torque.The implementation is complex and the cost is high; it requires high computing power of the controller.High-performance digital signal processors (DSPs), current and position sensors, power electronic modules

Areas of expertise
with brushless motors

Brushless motors are used in a wide range of industries, from industrial automation to medical equipment. Our products can help you achieve higher efficiency, lower energy consumption and longer service life. Whatever your application, we have a solution. When you choose us, you will get industry-leading products and professional technical support to help you achieve project success.

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