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car massage chair

DC Motor Solution for Car Massage Chair

About Car Massage Chair In our daily life, cars have become an indispensable means of transportation. However, driving in a busy metropolis is a painful experience. The heavy traffic not
Electric lumbar support(ESL)

Solution for Electric Lumbar Support(ELS)

With the continuous improvement of living standards, cars have become the main means of transportation for people to travel. In order to reduce the fatigue caused by long-term driving, car
Electronic Throttle Control (ETC)

Solution for Electronic Throttle Control System (ETC)

In order to improve the safety, dynamics, stability, and economy of vehicles, and reduce emission pollution, the world’s major automobile manufacturers have introduced various electronic throttle valves with good control
Electric Vacuum Pump

Solution for Electric Vacuum Pump (EVP)

The brake systems of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles mainly use hydraulic pressure as the transmission medium. Compared with the pneumatic brake system that can provide the power source,
Central door lock system

Motor Solution for Central Door Lock System

The automobile door lock is one of the important parts of an automobile body. Since the invention of the automobile, it has experienced the development process of mechanical, electrification, and

Gear Motor Solution for Vehicle TV Lifter

When people are traveling or on business trips, people often like to watch on-board TV programs to pass the time. In traditional vehicles, such as buses, onboard TVs are exposed
Automotive air conditioning baffle

Automotive Air Conditioning Baffle Solution

What is a Vehicle Air Conditioner Deflector? Air conditioning deflector is a mechanical device that is operated to control the flow and direction of air being generated by one’s Air
automobile air-conditioning compressor

Auto Air-condition Compressor Solution

About the Auto Air-condition Compressor The automobile air-conditioning compressor is the heart of the automobile air-conditioning refrigeration system. It compresses and transports refrigerant vapor playing a very vital role in
Automobile Wiper Pump

Gear Motor Solution for Automobile Wiper

About Automobile Wiper In almost every modern car, the windshield has a wiper, and these wipers have a battery-driven electric wiper water pump. The function of the water pump is

Vehicle Door Lock Motor Drive Solution

About Smart Vehicle Door Lock The car door has an automatic lock system, also called a smart vehicle door lock. It allows the driver or front passenger to lock/unlock the
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