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Motor Drive Solution for the Electric Crepe Maker

There is no better way to enjoy the new day than light and fluffy crepes. They are thinner than pancakes and can be stuffed with various fillings, from cream cheese to
electric candle

Electric Candle Motor Solution

About Electric Candle To pursue a comfortable and elegant living space, people are very particular about the structure of the indoor environment atmosphere. In addition to interior decoration, candles are
aromatherapy machine

Motor Solution for Aromatherapy Diffuser

With the increasing life pressure aroused by the accelerated pace of life, many people need to relax physically and mentally after a whole day of work. To this end, the aroma diffuser
Coffee Maker

Motor Solution for Coffee Maker

What is a Coffee Maker? A coffee maker is an appliance designed to make barista quality coffee at home without the need for human intervention in the process. This home

Smart Waste Bin Motor Solution

Project Backgroundn To make life easier in the home or kitchen, trash cans are having a revolution! Forget the traditional pedal bins or open them by hand. Cooking requires dirtying

Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner Motor Solution

Project Background With economic development, the living standards of residents continue to improve. More people live in duplex buildings or houses with large areas, and residents have an increasing demand

Sweeping Robot Motor Solution

Like all technologies, robotic vacuum cleaners have evolved and continue to develop rapidly. The first robot vacuum cleaners to come out in the 1990s were too stupid and too expensive
Smart Trash Can

Motor Solution for Smart Trash Can

Solution for Smart Trash Can In the smart trash can, the barrel lid will open automatically if someone gets close to it, and it will shut off automatically after five
Smart Toilet

Gear Motor Solution for Smart Toilet

With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, smart toilet covers are becoming more and more known and accepted by people. So what exactly is
Bread Maker

Motor Solution for Bread Maker

Project Background The bread-making process appeared in the 13th century BC, and after continuous development and evolution, it was not until the 1980s that the first household bread machine came

Motor Solution for High-Speed Blender

About the High-Speed Blender Nowadays, people have higher and higher nutritional requirements in their lives, and they also prefer foods in the form of juice, paste, and paste to meet
air purifier

Gear Motor Solution for Air Purifier

Project Background With the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, so more and more attention is paid to air quality. For
Smart Tissue Dispenser

Motor Solution for Smart Tissue Dispenser

Project Background As the blades rotate in the bowl, they create a vortex. If there is liquid in the blender jar, it’s basically like making a whirlwind in a glass.
Intelligent clothes hanger

DC Motor Solution for Smart Hanger

The intelligent hanger is an integrated multifunctional one improved from the traditional hand-cranked drying hanger. Use remote control or voice to conveniently control lighting, sterilization, air drying, drying, and other

Brushless DC Motor Solution for Smart Curtain

About Smart Curtains In addition to protecting the privacy of the occupants, curtains also have the function of shading and blocking dust. However, traditional curtains must be pulled by hand.
the electric shutter

Electric Shutter, highlighted by Kinmore Motor

The electric shutter, which is also named the electric blind, or roller shutter, is a common home appliance that combines traditional manual hanging windows and automatic control gates. It is
Automatic Tea Makers

Automatic Tea Maker Motor Solution

Nowadays, fully automatic tea makers have become one of the most common household appliances. It combines boiling water and tea making, simplifying the entire process and adapting to the fast-paced

DC Motor Powers the Operation of Vacuum Package Machine

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the increasing development of the economy, people have a high demand for food and fresh ingredients. Therefore, some food materials are
motor for intelligent dishwasher

Gear Motor Solution for Smart Dishwasher

Project Background With the development of technology and the improvement of the quality of life, automated smart homes have gradually become a better choice for everyone. Automatic dishwashers are equipment
Intelligent Extractors

Kitchen Ventilator Motor Solution

Project Background Kitchen oil fume is the cooking oil and food produced after high-temperature heating. High-temperature cooking is a unique cooking habit in my country, so the kitchen fume formed
motor for Automatic cleaning device for pet poop

Automatic Pet Litter Box Gear Motor Solution

About Automatic Pet Litter Box At present, with regard to the automatic treatment system, pet feces need to be processed manually and flushed manually. When cleaning up excrement, people must
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