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Personal Care

intelligent massage footbath

Intelligent Massage Foot Bath Motor Solution

With the continuous improvement of people’s material living standards, people pay more and more attention to their health care, especially for office workers with a fast pace of life, they
Yoga Column

Yoga Column motor solution

Solution for Yoga Column Nowadays, yoga has become a very popular form of exercise. It is based on physical posture and helps relieve stress and self-relaxation. As a common yoga
Electric Hair Clipper

Electric Hair Clipper Motor Solution

Project Background A haircut is a common thing in our lives. Some people choose to go to the barbershop, while others buy a hair clipper to shave at home. But

Personal Care Solution: Hairdryer

Solution for Hairdryer Hairdryer, also known as Blow Dryer. An electrical appliance is used to dry and assist the hair in getting a look. In 1925, when the first hairdryer
fascia gun

Fascia Gun Brushless Motor Solution

Project Background The lactic acid produced after exercise will make people feel muscle soreness. How to quickly dissipate this lactic acid? Many methods such as foam roller relaxation, bandage ice,
electric comb

Electric Comb DC Motor Solution

Combs is one of the necessary daily necessities in people’s daily life. With the development of society, people’s health awareness is getting stronger and stronger, and the requirements for combs
intelligent electric toothbrush

Motor Solution for Smart Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are becoming more and more popular in our lives. According to our survey, the people who use electric toothbrushes the most are young, but in recent years, with
female massager

Vibrating Motor Solution for Female Massager

Adult products refer to the use of some auxiliary products to help adults get sexual assistance, which can not only add sexual interest and improve the quality of sex but
Water Flosser

Brushless DC Motor Solution for Water Flosser

Water floss may be relatively unfamiliar to some people. After all, the acceptance of electric toothbrushes that are slowly being known to everyone is not so high, and the acceptance
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