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Automotive Air Conditioning Baffle Solution

What is a Vehicle Air Conditioner Deflector?

Air conditioning deflector is a mechanical device that is operated to control the flow and direction of air being generated by one’s Air conditioning system. The deflector is built with a number of flaps; the number of flaps often differs from vehicle to vehicle. These flaps are controlled manually in some applications and are automatic in other applications. The automatic AC flaps are controlled by customized DC motors made for car AC deflectors.

Vehicle Air conditioning baffles are used to maintain the optimal temperature, humidity, air cleanliness, and airflow in the automobile compartment, to offer a comfortable riding environment for the occupants and to prevent trip weariness; to produce acceptable working conditions for the driver, and to assure safe driving. This hybrid technology of motor solution for car air conditioning baffle makes the most of the space constraints inside the automobile, has a basic structure, and is simple to use. It is a well-known contemporary automotive air conditioning system all around the world.

Motors and Car Air conditioning baffles

The airflow and direction of the air are controlled with the help of a DC motor solution for the car air conditioning baffle. The flapper is a variable air control device and precise movement of the motor is necessary. A 12 V DC motor is required for the proper working of those air conditioning baffles. The movement of baffles has to be fast and precise, that is why a high torque motor for car air conditioning baffles gives the best results.

Kinmore Motors has conducted substantial product-based research and development while manufacturing motors. They developed a customized motor for car air conditioning baffles. Kinmore’s drive solution for car air conditioning baffle comes in the shape of their motor model RF-370CHV-10720L. We’ll now look at the motor specifications and see how they match the motor requirements for car air conditioning baffles.


Working Voltage

As mentioned above, the motor for car air conditioning baffles uses a 24V DC motor. The drive solution for car air conditioning baffles proposed by KM Motors has a standard operating voltage range of 21-27V with a rated voltage of 24. This is ideal for the application at hand.

Operating Torque

Torque requirements are critical in any motor-based application; the motor model RF-370CHV-10720L is a high torque motor for car air conditioning baffles that also meets the torque requirements of the application. This motor has a torque value of at maximum power output.


It is necessary for modern technology to provide the best and most comfortable environment to customers with their products, that is why the noise factor of any motor must be kept as low as possible. The factor of noise has been given due importance by Kinmore Motors as well. The said motor purposed by KM Motors has a noise disturbance level of less than 35dB. This proves that this model is a great low noise solution for car air conditioning baffle.

Motor Technical Parameters:



Rated voltage

24.0V DC

No-load speed

5100±10% rpm

No-load current

20mA Max

Maximum efficiency speed

Maximum efficiency current

80mA Max

Stall current

680mA Max

Stall torque  


As you can see from the information above, the Kinmore staff works very hard and pays close attention to detail. Kinmore is an excellent supplier of motors for automotive air conditioning baffles. Their support crew is always there to assist you with all of your motor needs. Visit get in touch with us, go to

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