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Charging Robot Powered by High Efficient Motor

What is a Charging Robot?

The charging robot is a completely autonomous machine that operates using a number of different sensors to plug an electric charger in a car and unplug it as well. The motor for the charging robot is the main component for the whole system as it is responsible for the mobility and localization of the charging robot system. It directs and interacts with the charging car autonomously, from releasing the charging outlet flap through attaching and disconnecting the plug. The entire charging procedure is completed without the intervention of any humans. To charge many vehicles at once, the mobile robot transports a trailer, which functions as a portable power source, to the vehicle, attaches it, and then utilizes the power storage facility to charge the electric vehicle’s battery. During the charging procedure, the energy storage unit remains with the car. Meanwhile, the charging robot is recharging other electric cars. The most effective way to control actuation points in the whole process is to use high torque gear motors for charging robots.


Significance of a Charging Robot

Electric cars have steadily gained popularity among customers in recent years has to result in their environmental benefits, cheap operating costs, and preferred buying options. The amount of charging points that have to be configured has progressively risen as electric vehicles became more popular in cities. In the future, every charging station will have an autonomous charging mechanism. The charging robot is a vital part of the charging station since it saves a lot of time and money in terms of manpower and management. It is the most intelligent, completely automated, efficient, and cost-effective charging system available.

Motor Requirements for Charging Robots

Since an autonomous charging robot is a complex system, it requires precise knowledge of the position and movement of motors. Customized motors for charging robots have to make. This sort of application-dependent manufacturing of motors can prove to be costly but give a better, more efficient, and smooth drive solution for charging robots. Kinmore Motors is an extremely reliable partner for people that are looking to find that extra edge in their motor solutions for charging robots.

Charging Robot

Motor Features:

  • The electrical performance of motors such as Voltage, Speed, etc. can be customized after a professional evaluation
  • stable performance and high efficiency
  • Easy to control, can be controlled by magnetic encoder
  • Long service life 

Kinmore Motors and Charging Robots

According to the given characteristics of the motors for charging robots identified above the team R&D team at Kinmore Motors have suggested the Kinmore motor model KM-42F555-238-2417.2 would be a perfect motor drive solution for charging robots.

The KM-42F555-238-2417.2 model is a compact, efficient and low noise motor solution for charging robots. It is a motor designed and manufactured with extreme attention to detail in each and every aspect. It also has a very high torque to size ratio. That means it is a high torque motor drive solution for charging robots that give users more space to work around it and make their design even better.


Motor Characteristics for Charging Robots



Rated voltage

24.0V DC

No-load speed

17.2±12% rpm

No-load current


Maximum efficiency speed


Maximum efficiency current


Stall current


Stall torque

Kinmore Motors ensures that the items provided to customers are received with the highest level of customer satisfaction in terms of manufacturing quality and delivery. Please contact us through our website if you have any questions concerning your motor demands or any other motor service-related questions.

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