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Customized solution for motor drive of phlegm suction machine

Kinmore Motor customized the motor RS-365 for this product, which can meet its high-load operation, low noise, and strong power requirements.

The medical suction machine is mainly used to help clear the secretions in the airway, prevent them from entering the lungs, and help breathing when the patient cannot cough up respiratory secretions, excess saliva, mucus and blood. It is one of the most common devices in medical use.

The phlegm suction machine can assist unconscious patients and children who cannot cough up secretions. It is one of the necessary equipment for hospitals, clinics, and dental clinics. Families with related diseases will also have this machine at home. It is mainly divided into Fixed phlegm suction machine and portable phlegm suction machine are suitable for different scenarios and needs.

Kinmore Motor customized the motor RS-365 for this product, which can meet its high-load operation, low noise, and strong power requirements.

Suction machine motor drive customization

A phlegm suction machine with high negative pressure, large flow rate, and low noise can achieve better functions, while the motor is the core of the machine for control and drive, and a reliable motor is the heart of the suction machine.

The phlegm suction machine is generally equipped with an outlet filter, a container, a pressure display panel, a pressure regulator, an AC plug or battery and charger, and a power switch.

We consider the use scenarios in every step, and carefully design high-throughput products, driven by motors with a speed of 11,000rpm, to help remove secretions and mucus in the body more smoothly. And the advanced anti-diarrheal protection design can prevent liquid from leaking into the machine. The compact structure, light weight, and easy-to-carry design are more suitable for emergency use.

Through the pressure display panel and the motor to control the magnitude of the suction, it can be used more accurately under various medical needs. As a medical device, the phlegm suction machine may be used under high load in the hospital. Our complete special customization process provides customers with more secure and reliable services.

As the auxiliary key of the medical process, medical devices play a role that cannot be ignored. It is the goal of Kinmore Motor to design products with high durability and fully consider the experience of medical staff and patients.

Our product RS-365 has the following features to ensure the realization of the function

  • The motor adopts ball bearings, which can prolong the service life under high load
  • The carbon steel shaft is used as the material, EMC compatible, with a service life of up to 1500+ hours and high stability
  • Custom output shaft and housing interface configuration
  • The motor speed reaches 11000rpm, and the ultra-high speed can effectively improve the machine efficiency

According to the needs of each customer, we will customize the suction machine solution according to different needs. Whether it is a mobile phlegm suction machine or a fixed phlegm suction machine, we will provide a special supporting drive solution. The motor can also be applied to personal care, air purifiers, household appliances, and auto parts. All categories can be optimized and customized in terms of their motor structure and performance to provide the best power solutions for each application.

If you have relevant needs or have any questions about the above information, please contact our sales engineers.

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