Electric Comb DC Motor Solution

Combs is one of the necessary daily necessities in people’s daily life. With the development of society, people’s health awareness is getting stronger and stronger, and the requirements for combs are getting higher and higher. The traditional comb is a simple combing of the hair and has a single function. If you want to apply a care lotion or dye your hair, you need to apply the care lotion or dyeing lotion to the hair and then use the comb to evenly spread it. It is not only cumbersome but also easy to stain your hands.

The electric comb is also resistant to corrosion and deformation; it is environmentally friendly and healthy and does not cause pollution. It is a good comb for children, pregnant women, and the elderly to use with peace of mind; it also has an antibacterial effect to prevent the spread of some scalp fungi. The scalp and hair that can be damaged are smoothly combed without the feeling of pulling.

It also has an anti-static effect, and the hair after combing is very smooth. This comb is only the size of the palm of your hand, and it can be easily taken away by plugging it into your bag when you go out. It is very convenient for smoothing frizzy hair. It also has an air cushion comb that improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth. See obvious results.

The Working Principle of Electric Comb

This comb contains magnets and has magnetic adsorption of about 1000 Gauss, which can effectively remove static electricity, which can prevent hair from being damaged and prevent hair from being untidy. The sonic vibration and the chrome-plated metal comb teeth generate magnetic flux elements, which release micro-magnetism to adsorb on the surface of the scalp for nourishing massage, promote blood circulation in the upper layer of the brain, and relieve the symptoms of vertigo caused by the insufficient blood supply to the brain after delivery.

Generally, a comb made of ordinary materials is difficult to completely touch the scalp, while an electric comb contains about 120 spherical magnetic comb teeth, which can easily fit the scalp without hurting the scalp. It will feel cool and comfortable when it fits the scalp. It calms and reduces inflammation of the scalp and improves the itching of the scalp. Outdoor use in summer can relieve the hot and dry scalp surface.

In terms of the power source for the electric comb, the function of the DC motor is indispensable. The power generated by the built-in DC motor drives the operation of the electric comb. Kinmore Motor deeply analyzes and understands the needs of customers and concentrates on various drive technologies. With years of experience in driving technology solutions, Kinmore Motor today launched a set of motor solutions for electric combs to the market, bringing customers better performance and high adaptability. Products are more powerful based on electric combs and have more scene-based equipment intelligent transmission functions.we adopt the customized technical parameters of the motor (FF-130SH-16188-40VP )for the electric combto provide customers with customizable services.

Motor Technical Parameters:

Features of  Electric Comb Motor :

  1. The vibration of the motor is stable during operation.
  2. Long service life.
  3. Low noise.
  4. Customized electrical properties such as Voltage and Speed after evaluation.


With over 20-year experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the electric comb motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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