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Motor Drive Solution for the Electric Crepe Maker

There is no better way to enjoy the new day than light and fluffy crepes. They are thinner than pancakes and can be stuffed with various fillings, from cream cheese to strawberry jam, to chicken and bell peppers. The electric crepe maker eliminates some suspicions when making a crepe and can provide you with evenly cooked and perfectly shaped crepes every time.  


The crepe maker is now a good assistant in the kitchen, helping us to efficiently cook the breakfast. More and more people choose the electric crepe maker because of its own characteristics: stylish, decent size, easy to use, and simple to store. When it comes to its usage, we are going to talk about how it works. When the baking pan is heated to 160°C, we put the prepared batter into the batter bucket. Start the pulp pump to send the batter to the nozzle, and operate the clutch lever to make the batter adhere to the curved surface of the baking wheel. When the baking wheel rotates 270-300 degrees, the batter is done. Then it is automatically separated from the baking tray to form a spring roll skin with a fixed thickness. After cutting into a square with a cutting machine, we can fold it or roll it up immediately.

electric crepe maker

The Working Principle of the Electric Crepe Maker

A working platform is welded near the bottom of the main tank of the crepe maker, and a grill wheel is inStalled at the front end of the main tank above the working platform. The batter conveying system is inStalled between the bakeware and the working platform. The conveying system is inStalled on the right side of the working platform. Two sets of moving wheels are inStalled at the bottom of the working platform and the main box. A control panel is provided on the left side of the main tank. A drive motor for inStalling the grilling wheel is inStalled inside the main tank, and a heating mechanism is inStalled on the inner wall of the grilling wheel. It can be seen that the drive of the motor is the core of the whole work process of the crepe maker.

electric crepe maker

Although the electric crepe maker has many advantages, its quality could be better according to our marketing survey. The performance of the motor largely determines the quality of the maker. Through continuous research and development, Kinmore has proposed a motor drive solution for the electric crepe maker. The designed motor(RS-380SAV-15270) has the features of high Torque, low noise, long life service, and better performance. Here are the technical parameters and features in detail.

the electric crepe maker motor

Motor Technical Parameters:

Rated Voltage24.0V DC  
No Load Speed9080±10% rpm
No Load Current0.19A
Load Speed7260±10%rpm
Load Current0.8A
Load Torque110g·cm
Stall Current3.8A
Stall Torque480g·cm
Direction of rotationCW

Features of the Electric Crepe Maker Motor :

  • Higher Operating efficiency. 
  • The motor has a long service life. 
  • Customized electrical properties such as Voltage and Speed after evaluation.
  • The noise during motor operation is low.

With over 20-year experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the electric crepe maker motor solution, Please contact our sales engineer.

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