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Electric Shutter, highlighted by Kinmore Motor

The electric shutter, which is also named the electric blind, or roller shutter, is a common home appliance that combines traditional manual hanging windows and automatic control gates. It is a kind of window curtain that is widely used nowadays. And the blinds are more stable than ordinary ones that have a long history. Electric shutters can achieve echoing operations in just a few minutes. And they save time and effort and only use the remote control to operate. Its simple and convenient operation is very suitable for busy people, and its service life is much longer than traditional blinds.

Not only can electric blinds open and close electrically, but also adjust their angle according to the position of the sun every day. The new blinds are configured via the digital compass in the phone during the setup process so that they can find out the source of sunlight based on where they are inStalled. In this way, the slats can tilt themselves to the right angle within a day, thereby minimizing direct glare.

Electric Shutter

The system also takes into account the full use of natural light and the scenery outside the window. It is even smart enough to figure out how it should change according to different seasons. You can also customize the schedule and adjust it according to your taste for sunlight levels, or give priority to privacy according to your preferences. Moreover, the smart wooden blinds provide a “fading combatant” mode, which promises to adjust the degree of tilt to protect items such as floors and furniture from fading or discoloration due to sunlight.

Electric blinds have the following characteristics:

  1. Imported DC motor;
  2. The motor has low noise, knob type stroke adjustment, and stroke control is accurate and reliable;
  3. The motor Model can be selected according to the weight and area of the curtain;
  4. The reel is uniquely designed, and a single motor can complete the turning and up-and-down retracting of the Venetian blinds;
  5. The width of Venetian blind blades is generally 25mm or 50mm, and the materials are aluminum alloy blades, bamboo, wood chips, etc.;
  6. With the use of the self-developed universal joint center seat, one motor can drive several Venetian blinds.

The Principle of Electric Blinds

“Electric blinds” use a DC motor to drive the blades up and down instead of the traditional Venetian blinds hand-pulling drive. It has a breakthrough innovation, making it easier and more convenient in the operation process. The curtain sheet made of materials such as aluminum, wood, or PVC has an automatic flip function.

The drive system of “electric blinds” consists of a DC motor, a rope reel, and a mechanical stopper. Motor: There is a corresponding motor in it as the power source; rope reel: electric blinds use rope reel to operate, more convenient to use, and very labor-saving. Stopper: The operation of the rope reel is mechanical. The stopper is a unique function of electric products, so this device is very important to ensure the use of the entire window.

Electric Blind

These components are inStalled in the “C”-shaped stainless steel bracket, and finally assembled with the curtain to form a set of electric blinds. The assembled Venetian blind system will be inStalled in the double-glazed curtain wall or ceiling according to the design requirements. The control method of the system can adopt ordinary wire control switch control, wireless remote control, timing control, wind, rain, and light control, and building integrated control.

Electric Shutter Motor Solution

Kinmore Motor deeply analyzes and understands customer pain points, concentrates on various drive technologies, and creates more suitable motor solutions for users. With years of experience in drive technology solutions, our engineers recently designed the electric shutter motor (RS-385SH-1791RY) and launched a DC motor solution for electric shutters or blinds to the market, bringing customers better performance and highly adaptable products.

Motor for the Electric Shutter

Motor Technical Parameters:

Rated Voltage12VDC
No Load Speed6800±10% rpm
No Load Current135mA
Load Speed5300±10%rpm  
Load Current780mA
Load Torque75g·cm
Stall Current3.2A
Stall Torque320g·cm
Direction of rotationCW/CCW

Features of the Electric Shutter DC Motor :

  • The performance is consistent during the life cycle.
  • High efficiency makes the service life longer and more durable.
  • The DC motor is small in size and stable in operation.
  • Customized electrical properties, such as Voltage and Speed after evaluation.


With over 20-year experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the electric shutter motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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