Customized DC Motor for Electric Smart Mattresses

In the design of the medical care bed, the motor plays the most critical and core control and driving role. We use the most cutting-edge technology and the finest craftsmanship to provide our customers with the most complete technical solutions.

As the “second revolution” of the bed, the multifunctional care bed is different from the traditional bed in that it has more motors. The built-in motor can adjust the angle and height of the head and tail of the bed, so that the electric bed can complete various changes, and it is more used in hospitals, nursing homes and families with the elderly to facilitate comprehensive care for patients.

Kinmore Motors provides you with a customized driving solution suitable for electric nursing beds, with low noise and strong performance, which fully meets the needs and gives consumers a better experience.

Now that the global aging is serious, medical care and nursing care have become a major issue for every household. With the growth of age, the elderly is inconvenient to move around and spend more time on bed. With the assistance of nursing beds, medical staff can take care of sick patients more easily. and it is good for the recovery of patients. It has become an indispensable part of the medical process and elderly care life.

Custom design for medical care beds

In the design of the medical care bed, the motor plays the most critical and core control and driving role. We use the most cutting-edge technology and the finest craftsmanship to provide our customers with the most complete technical solutions.

The head and foot of the bed are made of PE material, which can be easily loaded and unloaded to meet medical and living needs at any time. Four liftable guardrails controlled by motors can be raised and lowered at any time, effectively preventing patients from falling accidentally. Compared with manual control, the design of each guardrail controlled by motor can be safer and more efficient. Patients and medical staff can operate it immediately with one button.

All parts of the electric nursing bed can be raised and lowered, and patients need to be flexible at various heights during the recovery period. For example, the head needs to be raised slowly after surgery, and the orthopedic department has more diverse needs. These operations all rely on reliable motors, high torque, precise control, and high-speed motors to complete the work more calmly and give patients a better experience.

The four wheels of the nursing bed adopt a central control braking system, which has strong stability and low noise. The four wheels are automatically locked by the motor, which saves trouble and labor, and greatly increases safety and avoids slipping of the nursing bed.

In the use of medical scenes, a nursing bed with complete functions and reasonable design can improve the patient’s recovery experience, reduce the pain of the patient, and reduce the workload of the patient’s family and medical staff. The motor (RS-555) designed by Kinmore has the characteristics of low noise, long service life and strong performance, which can better meet the various needs of medical treatment.

Our RS-555 product adopts the following design to ensure efficient operation of functions

  • Class F winding wire, temperature resistance up to 155°C, built-in coated rotor, piezoresistor, bakelite commutator, low temperature rise
  • With a speed up to 5850rpm, it can effectively ensure the working efficiency
  • The motor uses a carbon steel shaft, EMC compatible, with a lifespan of 500+ hours and high stability
  • 5 series motors, built-in fan blades, fast heat dissipation

The length of this RS-555 motor is 57.0mm, the diameter is 35.8mm, the rated voltage is DC 12V, and the output torque: 200g·cm – 400g·cm. The multi-functional nursing bed is not only widely used in hospitals to meet the needs of all aspects of medical treatment, but also meets the needs of families who need long-term care of patients.

In our motor solution for electric nursing bed motor drive technology, we have considered the multi-functional use process of the nursing bed to meet its requirements of low noise, high durability and easy cleaning. All-round attention to detail polishing, to create a more reliable medical partner for customers.

In addition, we can also customize according to the needs of customers, making products that better meet customer needs, and more suitable service solutions.

Deeply cultivate the field of smart home

According to market demand, Kinmore Motors customizes, develops and produces a variety of motors that can be widely used in the field of smart home. Kinmore RS-555 motor can be used not only in electric nursing beds, but also in baby strollers, robots, auto parts, pumps, valves, valves and meters, household appliances, and commercial equipment. All categories can be used in its motor structure and performance Optimize and customize all aspects to provide the best power solutions for various application fields.

More about Kinmore

The main product categories of Kinmore Motor are divided into PMDC motors, BLDC motors, and gear motors. After 20 years of intensive cultivation, it provides all-round services for customized motors. For more information on electric nursing bed motor solutions, please contact our sales engineers.

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