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Gear Motor Solution for Mechanical Arm

About Mechanical Arm

In today’s life, with the advancement of science and technology, the biggest difference between robotic arms and human arms is flexibility and endurance. The biggest advantage of the manipulator is that it can repeat the same action and never feel tired under normal mechanical conditions! The robotic arm can reproduce the movements of the human hand, including taking out the food from the smart refrigerator, controlling the temperature of the stove, filling the pot with water from the sink and pouring it, and even mixing and serving food as a human.

The application of robotic arms will become more and more extensive. The robotic arm is a kind of high-tech automatic production equipment developed in recent decades. The accuracy of the operation and the ability to complete the operation in the environment. An important branch of industrial manipulator robots.

Since the development of robotic arm technology, mechanical arms have been successfully used in the automotive manufacturing industry in the 1980s. Robotic technology is the most widely used automated mechanical device in the field of robotic technology. Many industrial hazards include assembly, painting, welding, and high temperature. Robotic arms can do heavy tasks like casting and forging. At present, the mechanical arm is the most widely used automated mechanical device in the field of robotics. In addition to being mainly used in industrial manufacturing, its application devices can be found in commercial agriculture, medical rescue, entertainment services, military security, and even space exploration. The lander used a robotic arm for sampling during the Change-5 probe moon landing.

The Mechanics of a Robotic Arm

The mechanical arm is an automatic control device that has the function of imitating a human arm and can complete various tasks. This kind of robot system has multiple joints and joints to allow movement in a plane or three-dimensional space or use linear displacement movement. The structure is composed of a mechanical body, a controller, a servomechanism, and a sensor. And a certain designated action is set by the program according to the operation requirement.

The robot is driven by a motor to move an arm, open or close a clamp, and accurate feedback to the programmable logic controller. This kind of automatic mechanism is mainly required to complete the movement of “wrist and hand”. After the operation sequence is input by a skilled operator, it can be followed and repeated countless times to complete the correct operation.

The application of robotic arms in industrial automation has been quite extensive because of the different industrial distributions in various countries and the demand for robotic arms in many industries. It is mainly used for tasks that cannot be performed manually and that will take more time to do. The accuracy and durability of the robotic arm can reduce the unpredictable problems caused by humans. Since the invention of the first industrial robot, the application of robotic arms has expanded from the original automotive industry, mold manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, and other related fields to agriculture, medical care, and service industries.

Kinmore Motor manufactures high-quality DC motors and DC gear motors for robotic arms to achieve high power and Torque characteristics of robotic arms. For the mechanical arm, we recommend using this gear motor (KM-20A130-64.9-06226), because it has the characteristics of low noise, high Torque, high performance, and long life. Of course, we can also according to the performance requirements of customers to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the motor and customize it.

Motor Technical Parameters:

Rated Voltage6VDC
No Load Speed226±12% rpm  
No Load Current  200mA 
Load Speed187±12% rpm
Load Current880mA
Stall Current4140mA
Direction of rotationCW

Features of Gear Motor :

  1. The performance is consistent during the life cycle.
  2. High efficiency makes the battery life longer and more durable.
  3. Quality recognized by the market.
  4. Customizable design for specific applications. 
  5. Customized electrical properties, such as Voltage and Speed after evaluation.


With over 20-year experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the robotic arm motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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