DC Motor Solution for Medical Air Pump

About Medical Air Pump

The medical air pump is a multi-purpose energy-saving medical device. It draws on the high-quality Model structure of similar products at home and abroad using three-dimensional computing Modeling to optimize the design with a more reasonable structure and superior performance. The main components are processed in strict accordance with national standards using CNC machine tools. It uses a driving machine to drive the crankshaft. In a rotary motion, the crankshaft drives the piston to reciprocate through the connecting rod so that the volume of the cylinder changes periodically: the intake and exhaust valves on the top of the cylinder are periodically opened and closed. The trachea and one-way valve enter the gas storage tank for users to use.

Medical air pumps are widely used in medical equipment, analytical instruments, teaching and research, national defense, environmental protection, light industry, food processing, pharmaceutical machinery, daily life, and other fields because they can provide pure and environmentally friendly gas sources without oil pollution. It is an ideal gas source for various equipment and can also be used as a vacuum pump. It is beautiful in appearance, small in size, light in weight, simple to operate, and easy to carry. It can also be widely used in places that require compressed air, such as painting, decoration, pneumatic tools, and mining machinery.

Advantages of Medical Air Pump:

1. Piston ring adopts advanced and new environmental protection material design, with a low friction coefficient and self-lubricating. It replaces the history of traditional piston engine oil lubrication. More importantly, it will not produce harmful gas containing any oil and cause no damage to secondary pollution to the air source.

2. The cylinder liner adopts advanced surface hardening technology to reduce the thickness and accelerate heat transfer, effectively improve the surface density and wear resistance, and reduce the friction coefficient thereby, prolonging the service life, and reducing maintenance time and costs.

3. The intake and exhaust valve is made of a Swedish valve steel belt after more than 80 hours of precision rolling treatment, coupled with a reasonable noise reduction design, the volumetric efficiency is greatly improved, and the noise is significantly lower than other similar products.

The Working Principle of Medical Air Pump:

The medical air pump is a miniature reciprocating piston-type air pump. The motor drives asymmetrically distributed crank and rocker mechanical structures. The main movement is the piston ring, and the second movement is an aluminum alloy cylinder, which is self-lubricating by piston rings without any lubricant. The reciprocating motion of the crank and rocker makes the cylinder volume change periodically, and the cylinder volume changes twice in opposite directions once the motor runs.

When the positive direction expands the cylinder volume, the gas entering the cylinder is compressed, leading to the pressure in the cylinder volume increasing rapidly; when it is greater than the atmospheric pressure, the exhaust valve is opened, which is the scheduled process. The single-axis and double-cylinder structures make the gas flow of the medical air pump double that of the single-cylinder when the rated Speed is constant; the vibration and noise generated by the single-cylinder inflator machine are well-resolved, and the overall structure is more compact than ever.

The motor (RS-385SH-2071B) developed and manufactured for medical air pumps has 100% copper core coils equipped with a thermal protector to ensure that the air pump will not burn out due to overload. Besides, the noise reduction design reduces the noise to a lower state; the advanced and precise material made of this effectively improves the compactness and wear resistance of the air pump and prolongs the service life so that the medical air pump is more advanced and precise.

Motor Technical Parameters:

Features of the Medical Air Pump Motor :

  1. The motor has a long life, no maintenance, is small in size, has high efficiency, and has low power consumption.
  2. High Speed.
  3. Using high-performance materials, high precision, and good wear resistance.
  4. The noise is less than 35 decibels, and the lower power can even reach less than 30 decibels, which is almost silent.
  5. The design can be customized according to customer requirements.


With over 20-year experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the medical air pump motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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