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Brushless DC Motor Solution for Medical Sterilizer

Amid the air problems brought about by industrialization, the medical sterilizer is playing a vital role in improving people’s living standards and air quality. Besides, with the spread of the epidemic, air disinfection is an important measure to prevent hospital infections. It is suitable for air disinfection in the Operating room, treatment room, ward, and other spaces.

Medical Sterilizer

Project Background

The medical sterilizer can achieve human-machine co-existence of high-efficiency air disinfection purification. It uses PHT (photohydrogen ion) disinfection, plasma sterilization dust removal, ultraviolet C-band sterilization, high-efficiency lysosome sterilization, and other technologies to pump indoor bacteria air into the disinfection equipment with plasma, ultraviolet rays, ozone, negative ions, and filters, etc.

After disinfection, sterilization, purification, adsorption, dust removal treatment, and then Output outside the machine, cycle after cycle, so that indoor air quality reaches the standard of sensing and control. The whole disinfection process does not cause harm to indoor activities, not only to ensure the disinfection effect but also to solve the problems in which the traditional ultraviolet radiation, chemical treatment, and other air disinfection methods can not be used continuously and automatically. Program-controlled settings can achieve disinfection procedures hand control or self-control.

Through the Internet of Things technology, it can realize remote data monitoring, intelligent operation, and remote control. With the merit of no pollution to the environment, no corrosion of equipment, and simple operation, Air disinfector is widely used in schools, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical workshops, food workshops, and other places.

The working principle of the Medical Sterilizer motor

Just like the heart is for people, the motor plays the role of the heart in the structure of the medical sterilizer. The motor stops working, and the air disinfector is of no use.

An Ultra-silent fan draws part of the stale air in the closed room into the machine from the lower tuyere, and a primary and medium efficiency filter removes dust and dust from the air, and then enters the double-high-Voltage plasma electric field, using the motor positive and negative electronic dust collection board, adsorb the dust and bacteria on the dust collecting plate, and kill the bacteria; the high-intensity ultraviolet lamps again kill the flow of gas flowing through the surface of the bacteria, disinfecting and purifying of the gas from the machine to reduce the total number of bacteria.

To this end, Kinmore Motor has developed and manufactured a super silent medical driving BLDC motor to ensure greater air exchange and less noise.

Motor technical parameters:

Rated Voltage12V DC
No Load Speed1600±10% rpm
No Load Current0.27A
Maximum efficiency Speed1150±10%rpm
Maximum efficiency Current2.56A
Operating temperature-10 to +60 ℃
Direction of rotationCW

Features of Medical Sterilizer Motor :

1. Ultra-silent fan with low noise.
2. The air disinfecting machine has a greater air exchange capacity.
3. Ultra-high performance motor.
4. Super long lifetime featured 100,000 working hours continuously.

In an epidemic situation, alcohol can be sold out. Compared with disposable and unsafe alcohol, a medical sterilizer with air purification and disinfection functions is a better choice. KM-Bl8045 BLDC motors developed by Kinmore Motor can meet the ultra-high performance requirements of air disinfection machines, giving you a better choice. For more information on the medical air disinfection motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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