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Vibrating Motor Solution for Female Massager

Adult products refer to the use of some auxiliary products to help adults get sexual assistance, which can not only add sexual interest and improve the quality of sex but also bring positive effects on sexual health. With the changes in people’s sexual concepts, the requirements for the quality of sexual life are getting higher and higher, and adult products have gradually become daily necessities that meet people’s normal physiological needs and improve the quality of sexual life. Even some doctors recommend it to sexually confused women to improve the treatment, and the female massager has become one of the most popular adult products.

The material of the female massager vibrator is divided into ABS, TPE, silicone, arRanged in the order from soft to hard: TPE→silicone→ABS. TPE is mostly used on Japanese-style vibrators, because it is soft and can make a lot of exaggerated shapes, and it is also the closest to muscle. The advantage of silica gel is that the material is purer and safer and can withstand high-temperature disinfection. It is mostly used in European and American style ergonomic sticks. Abs is hard plastic, and it is now used for non-enter body parts such as the outer shell of massage sticks.

The Principle of Female Massager

The principle of the vibrating rod is the same as that of the vibrating egg. There is a motor inside, and a semi-cylindrical copper block used to deflect the center of gravity is inStalled on the micromotor. When it is started, the small semi-cylindrical copper block above will follow. Rotation causes the center of gravity to shift, which creates a vibration effect. As the control circuit controls the Current, the motor rotates quickly and slowly, so various vibration frequencies are transformed.

How does Kinmore Motor Supplier Provide a Suitable Motor for Female Massagers?

The performance of massage equipment is closely related to its internal power supply. It is vital to choose a high-performance motor for this female massage equipment. The vibrating motor (FF-N20VA-1669R5.8*3.6) provided by Kinmore Motor is very suitable for all kinds of intelligent massage equipment. The motor drives the massage head to vibrate repeatedly to achieve decompression and soothing effects.

Besides, by adjusting the input Voltage through the electronic system, the vibration intensity of the motor can be changed to make the product work in different intensity modes. As a leading motor supplier in the motor industry, Kinmore Motor, relying on industry-leading technology and quality advantages, grandly launches low-Voltage DC motor solutions for female massagers.

Motor Technical Parameters:

ModelFF-N20VA-1669 R5.8*3.6  
Rated Voltage1.5V  DC
Load Speed10000±10%rpm
Load Current460 mA
Load TorqueR5.8*3.6
Stall Current1700 mA
Starting Voltage0.6 V
Direction of rotationCW
Operating temperature-10 °C – +60°C

Features of the Female Massage Vibrating Motor :

  1. Customized electrical properties such as Voltage and Speed after evaluation
  2. The micromotor is compact and runs stably, while the power is strong.
  3. A strong earthquake (R5.8*3.6 SECC laminated vibrator).
  4. Low noise (≤55dB).
  5. Low Current (max. 105mA), power saving.


With over 20-year experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the female massager motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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