Omni-directional Monitor Customized Motor Solutions

The limit function is realized by two micro switches, and the movement is driven by the KM-12FN20 motor.

For a long time, monitors have mainly been used in public places such as finance, jewelry stores, hospitals, and leisure and entertainment places, and are responsible for security work. Monitoring costs are adjusted as technology evolves. More and more small businesses also can afford the price and have begun to build their monitoring systems to meet security or other monitoring needs. Even many families with pets and children have installed monitors. Monitors are everywhere in modern life. a part of. The direction and angle of the monitor are controlled by a motor, which can realize a 360° all-round monitoring viewing angle. Kinmore Motor launched the KM-12FN20 motor, which is durable, and suitable for high-frequency use in all-around monitoring.

There are two motors inside the omnidirectional monitor, which are respectively responsible for the rotation of the monitor up and down and left and right. The limit function is realized by two microswitches, and the movement is driven by the KM-12FN20 motor.

Not only that, our monitor is connected to the intelligent network, which can realize remote control, control the movement of the KM-12FN20 motor through mobile devices, and connect the motor through the console and remote communication module, so that consumers can better see all-round Scenes. The adjustment process is simple.

The user can input control commands to the monitor on the mobile phone or the computer, such as moving up, down, left, and right. The remote communication module is used to realize the communication between the pan-tilt and the console. On the one hand, the command sent by the console is transmitted to the pan-tilt; on the other hand, the data of the pan-tilt is fed back to the console. Decode the console command received and convert it into a control signal to control the operation of the motor; according to the control signal, drive our KM-12FN20 motor to perform corresponding actions.

  • Use F-class enameled wire, coated rotor, rubber core commutator, built-in piezoresistor, low-temperature rise, and durability.
  • This type of motor has low noise, and the motor meets the requirements for low noise in household use scenarios.t
  • The motor uses precious metal brushes with high stability.

According to the needs of each customer, we will customize solutions according to different needs and different usage scenarios. Our motor can also be used in coffee machines, electric screwdrivers, medical equipment, and commercial products.

All categories and products can be optimized and customized in terms of motor structure and performance, providing the best power solutions for various application fields. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

About Kinmore Motors

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