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Motor Solution for Alternating Pressure Mattress

What is an Alternating Pressure Mattress?

  Alternating pressure mattresses are specifically designed for use in the medical industry. They are key components in providing absolute comfort to patients. Alternating pressure mattresses use the phenomenon of inflated and deflated air cells to stimulate exact points in a human body. This helps to provide patients with a controlled environment in which they can be healed. The main idea behind this product is to allow blood flow at certain positions in the human body by reducing pressure upon those points. This product is a great example of how modern technology is affecting the lives of human beings and how it can be used to serve mankind.

Significance of an Alternating Pressure Mattress

For patients with chronic conditions, comfort is critical since the focus immediately shifts to greater quality in all aspects of life. An alternate pressure mattress contains chambers that are positioned laterally or lengthwise and progressively deflate and fill one at a time. This alternates the pressure locations across the body. The Alternating Pressure Mattress employs pressure distribution to encourage blood flow, which nourishes the skin. At a fixed or changeable cycle time, the air cells on the mattress gradually expand and collapse under the patient. This permits blood circulation to reach the body for regeneration, skin damage, or decubitus ulcers.

Motors and Alternating Pressure Mattress

  RS–395SH   The air cells are pressurized and deflated with the help of a pump. This pump is controlled by a DC motor. The pump is a variable pressure pump and to control it, precise movement of the motor is necessary. A 12 V DC motor is required for the proper working of those pumps in smart electric mattresses. The mattress consists of 16 air cells usually and for that, a high torque motor gives the best results. Kinmore Motors has done extensive product-based R&D while manufacturing motors. They have come up with a customized DC motor solution for smart electric mattresses. The drive solution for smart electric mattresses given by Kinmore is in the form of their motor model RS-395SHVC2-2265BU. We will now take a look at the motor specifications and compare them to the motor requirements for alternating pressure mattresses.  

Working Voltage

As mentioned above, the pump in alternating pressure mattresses uses a 12V DC motor. The drive solution for the smart electric mattress proposed by KM Motors has a standard operating voltage range of 10-12V with a rated voltage of 12. This suits the application in question quite well.

Operating Torque

The torque requirements are key in any motor-based application, the motor model  RS-395SHVC2-2265BU is a high torque motor for smart electric mattresses and satisfies the torque needs of the application as well. At maximum power output, this motor possesses a torque value of 300.40


Any disturbance can become a hindrance to a patients’ quick recovery, noise is one of the most common types of disturbances found in motors. Noise is mostly not a big factor in most cases but since human health is being considered, the factor of noise has been given due importance as well by Kinmore Motors. The said motor purposed by KM Motors has a noise disturbance level of less than 35dB. This proves that this model is a great low-noise solution for smart electric mattresses.

Rated Voltage12.0V DC
No Load Speed6900±10% rpm
No Load Current0.22A
Load Speed5550±10%rpm
Load Current1.3A
Load Torque110g·cm
Stall Current5.8A
Stall Torque450g·cm
Direction of rotationCW

As you can see from the information above, the team at Kinmore works very hard with quite a lot of attention given to detail. Kinmore is a great motor supplier for smart electric mattresses. Their support team is always there to help you out with all of your motor needs. Visit our website to contact us.

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