Motor Solution for Submersible Pump

A submersible pump also called an electric submersible pump, is a pump that can be fully submerged in water. The motor is hermetically sealed and close-coupled to the body of the pump.

A submersible pump pushes water to the surface by converting rotary energy into kinetic energy into pressure energy. This is done by the water being pulled into the pump: first in the intake, where the rotation of the impeller pushes the water through the diffuser. From there, it goes to the surface.

The main advantage to a submersible pump is that it never has to be primed because it is already submerged in the fluid. Submersible pumps are also very efficient because they don’t have to spend a lot of energy moving water into the pump. Water pressure pushes the water into a submersible pump, thus “saving” a lot of the pump’s energy.

Advantages of the Submersible Pump

  1. This pump prevents cavitation problems.
  2. There is no need for manual priming because it submerges in water and gets priming from there.
  3. The cable of the submersible water well pump can be used in both fresh water and saltwater.
  4. It has high efficiency than other types.
  5. It saves a large part of energy because it sucks the water inside itself by using water pressure.
  6. A submersible water pump can control both liquids and solids
  7. It has quit working
  8. These pumps are more efficient than jet pumps.
  9. Submersible pumps transfer fluids by pushing them, while jet pumps transfer fluids by pulling them.
  10. This pump can save a large amount of energy.
  11. It can also work by completely submerging in the water
  12. It has no cavitation problems.
  13. This type of pump has sufficient internal pressure to pump the water

The working principle of the submersible pump

  1. The submersible pumps used in ESP inStallations are multistage centrifugal pumps Operating in a vertical position. Although their constructional and operational features underwent a continuous evolution over the years, their basic operational principle remained the same.
  2. Produced liquids, after being subjected to great centrifugal forces caused by the high rotational Speed of the impeller, lose their kinetic energy in the diffuser where a conversion of kinetic to pressure energy takes place.
  3. The pump shaft is connected to the protector by a mechanical coupling at the bottom of the pump. Well, fluids enter the pump through an intake screen and are lifted by the pump stages.
  4. Other parts include the radial bearings (bushings) distributed along the length of the shaft providing radial support to the pump shaft turning at high rotational Speeds.
  5. An optional thrust bearing takes up part of the axial forces arising in the pump but most of those forces are absorbed by the protector’s thrust bearing.

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

The movement of the impeller inside the pump is achieved by a DC motor. The motor is controlled by a power switch. These must be fully submerged in the fluid. A lot of heat is generated during the operation of the motor. Due to this reason motor is either water or oil-filled for effective cooling. As the motor along with the impeller is immersed completely in the water. So, a proper sealing mechanism is essential to protect the motor from coming in contact with water. Kinmore provides efficient and reliable motors for submersible pumps.

Submersible Pump Motor Features:

  1. The electrical performance of motors such as Voltage, Speed, etc. can be customized after a professional evaluation
  2. Max Efficiency 75% @ Torque: 26.28 mN.m, 7035 rpm
  3. Noise Level ≤ 35 dB @ 30cm
  4. Stainless Steel Shaft for longer life and minimize wear


With over 20-year experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the submersible pump motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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