Gear Motor Solution for Vehicle TV Lifter

Relying on years of experience in driving technology solutions, Kinmore Motor has today launched a set of motor solutions suitable for the elevator of onboard TV, bringing better performance and high adaptability products to customers.

When people are traveling or on business trips, people often like to watch on-board TV programs to pass the time. In traditional vehicles, such as buses, onboard TVs are exposed in the interior of the vehicle. It is usually inStalled at the front of the car. However, when people, especially drivers, get in the car, they need to be especially careful to tilt their heads down to avoid hitting the TV. The caravan, which represents people’s high-quality life, integrates leisure and entertainment. There is more equipment in the car than ordinary means of transportation, and the various settings are more exquisite. This is especially true of necessities-TV.



Vehicle TV Lifter

The elevator of a vehicle-mounted TV includes a base fixed to the vehicle; a ball screw fixed to the pedestal; a motor whose Output end is connected to the ball screw through a coupling; and the lifting driven by the ball screw Rack, which is used to fix the TV. When the TV needs to be used, the motor drives the lifting frame through the ball screw to lift the TV.

When it reaches the predetermined position, the limit opening sends a signal to the electric motor, and the motor stops working; when the TV is not needed, the electric motor passes through the ball screw. The lifting frame is driven to drive the TV down, to bring the TV into the preset groove of the car wall to save the real space in the compartment. It not only improves the efficiency of using the car space but also makes the carriage more beautiful.

Vehicle TV Lifter

How the Vehicle TV Lifter Works

The vehicle-mounted TV lifter structure includes a lifting bracket assembly and a gear shaft fixing assembly. The vehicle TV lifter is fixed on the TV fixing plate, and the TV fixing plate is fixedly connected to the gear shaft fixing assembly. The inner left and right sides of the lifting bracket assembly are provided with a vertical The rack and pinion shaft are fixed inside the lifting bracket assembly through the pinion shaft fixing assembly.

There is a spur gear on the left and right sides of the gear shaft. The spur gears are connected to the rack. The DC reduction motor drives the gear shaft to rotate, and the gear shaft is fixed. When the component touches the upper contact micro switch or the lower contact micro switch, the DC decelerating gear motor is powered off, and the vehicle TV stops rising or falling.

The structure is simple, and the operation is convenient; it is equipped with a linear guide rail and a linear slide block, which limits only linear sliding, thus achieving the purpose of linear lifting; its automation is strong; two DC electromagnetic brakes are inStalled to increase stability and safety.


Vehicle TV Lifter

The TV control box is connected with the gear motor and the limit switch. The left and right sides of the TV fixing frame are fixed with sliding plates while the right sliding plate is fixed with a sliding frame. The upper and lower ends of the sliding frame are fixed with rollers, and the rollers are stuck in the rolling groove. The rollers on the left and right sides of the TV fixing frame roll in the chute. The TV fixing frame as a whole moves up and down in the outer frame through rollers, and the movement is stable. The integrated structure of the TV and TV rack is more stable.

The operation of a vehicle TV lifter is closely related to the gear motor, and the source of its life is the gear motor(KM-2765F180-1477-124.2). Relying on years of experience in driving technology solutions, Kinmore Motor has today launched a set of motor solutions suitable for the elevator of onboard TV, bringing better performance and high adaptability products to customers.

Features of Vehicle TV Lifter Gear Motor :

  1. This gear motor has a stable motor operation.
  2. Low Operating noise.
  3. Long motor life.
  4. Electrical performance, such as Voltage and Speed, can be customized after evaluation.

With over 20-year experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the vehicle TV lifter gear motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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