Water Flosser

Brushless DC Motor Solution for Water Flosser

Water floss may be relatively unfamiliar to some people. After all, the acceptance of electric toothbrushes that are slowly being known to everyone is not so high, and the acceptance of dental flushing devices is even lower. More people are still accustomed to using ordinary toothbrushes. If you brush your teeth carefully, the tooth surface coverage is still good, but the cleaning power for hidden parts may not be enough. You also need to pay attention to the correct brushing posture and maintain a certain brushing time. Some people use electric toothbrushes + dental floss to improve the cleaning power, and deep residues and dirt such as the gap between teeth can also be covered. But for orthodontics, dental implants, etc., friends are still not friendly enough, periodontal pockets and gingival sulcus can not be cleaned, and the flushing device can solve the above problems.

Water Flosser

For the general population, the dental flusher can clean the plaque on the tooth surface and clean the tongue coating, keep the oral cavity clean, and remove oral odor. For the food residues and harmful bacteria accumulated in the gaps between teeth when brushing teeth, the flusher can effectively clean and effectively prevent tooth decay, dental calculus, gingivitis, and periodontitis. On the other hand, the dental flusher can massage the gums, improve blood circulation and reduce gum bleeding. For the orthodontic population, other tooth cleaning tools cannot penetrate the braces, and the flushing device can clean the orthodontic appliances simply and efficiently. The dental flusher helps us to clean the mouth more carefully, and it also reduces the effect of breathing problems to a certain extent.

Main Scene Classification

From a technical point of view, there are three main types of dental flushing devices. There are three types of technologies: high-pressure pulse technology, ultrasonic water flow technology, and micro-explosive airflow technology.

Portable dental flushers can be divided into two types: portable dental flushers with water tanks and portable dental flushers without water tanks.

Portable dental flushers with water tanks:

Small size and high portability; but the water tank has a small capacity, and a complete oral cleaning may require a second injection of water. In addition, the weight is heavier when it is filled with water, and girls with less strength may feel their arms sore at first.

Portable dental flushers without water tanks:

Small size and high portability; it needs to be assembled during use. You can use the mouthwash cup or storage box as a water tank to achieve “wireless refilling”, but it is recommended that the flushing time be controlled within 3 minutes. At present, more brands are more inclined to portable teeth flushers with water tanks, so the selection Range of styles without water tanks is relatively small.

Desktop flushing device:

Large size, and it is generally recommended for household use. Bench-top dental flushers generally have more adjustable water pressure gears, which are suitable for more tooth sensitivity situations. There are often other additional functions, such as gum massage or replaceable toothbrush nozzles with more functions. However, compared with the portable dental flushing device, the portability is low, and the comprehensive price is higher.

Water Flosser

The Principle of Water Flosser

Just as people know that a high-pressure water gun can easily clean cars, water flow at proper pressure has long been proven to be effective in cleaning our teeth and mouths. The cleaning effect of water flossing is mainly to use high-Speed water jets sprayed under a certain pressure. Based on the impact force of the water itself, the following measures may further improve the cleaning effect:  

1. It can also have a similar vibration and impact effect by making the water stream jet and impact in the appropriate pulse form or bringing more bubbles into the water stream.

2. Add some additives with different functions to the water stream, such as adding fine hard and heavy sand to form countless high-Speed “bullets” or adding some surfactants to increase the cleaning function. The impact cleaning ability of the water column is also related to the size of the water column.

3. By changing the frequency of water pulses, the best combination with pressure is achieved. For example, a professional dental scaler in a dental clinic has a high frequency of more than 20,000 times. From the principle of using frequency vibration to clean objects, the higher the frequency, the better the cleaning effect.

There are two sources of water pressure for water flossers:

1) Generate water pressure with its own electric pump;

2) Directly use the pressure of tap water. Therefore, according to the structure of the tooth flusher, it can be divided into two categories: electric tooth flusher and faucet flusher. The structure of the electric tooth flusher mainly includes an electric water pump, a water storage tank, and a nozzle. The structure mainly has a connection device with the faucet and the nozzle.

Electric flushing, equivalent to a powered water jet, can clean to deeper places where dental floss cannot be cleaned. Three-Speed levels make cleaning more comfortable and thorough. Two nozzles are more effective in cleaning dirt and residues without harming teeth and gums. It gently cleans and massages sensitive gums. One-handed operation design is ergonomic.

Water Flosser

How Kinmore Motor Supplier Make Improvement

The product structure of Kinmore Motor has been optimized to achieve small size and lightweight, meet the design requirements of delicate water flosser products, meet different application scenarios and Operating conditions such as home life and business travel, and bring comfort to consumers.  By simulating the load under real conditions of use, the overall performance, noise, and life of each motor product are evaluated and tested, and the motor product design and process design are repeatedly adjusted according to the test data to maximize the elimination of possible problems during operation, and to Customers provide excellent power solutions.

For the intelligent water flosser, we recommend using this brushless DC motor (RS-370CHV-16245D), because it has the characteristics of low noise, high Torque, high performance, and long life. Of course, we can also according to the performance requirements of customers to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the motor and customize it.

Motor Technical Parameters:

Features of the Water Flosser Brushless DC Motor :

  1. Ultra-quiet operation with low noise.
  2. Small-sized motor with stable operation.
  3. Long service life.
  4. Best running performance.
  5. Customized electrical properties, such as Voltage and Speed after evaluation.


With over 20-year experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the water flosser motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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