Kinmore Speech

Founder and VP of Kinmore | Ms. Candy Qin

Stand Together to Build a Better Kinmore

First of all, on this special occasion, the 20th anniversary of Kinmore Motor, I would like to thank our employees, family members and partners who have accompanied us along the way. Without you, we would not be here today. I would like to sincerely thank you for walking with us and witnessing our growth and glory.

A Rough Start

The story of Kinmore Motor began twenty years ago, when Mr. Li and I were still “motor workers.” When we decided to start a business, we only had a few computers and an office of a few square meters. This started the chapter of our story and made Kinmore Motor what it is today.

At the beginning of our business, we faced a difficult survival situation.

At that time, one of our important customers went bankrupt due to poor operations. We went to deliver goods to them and found that the factory was deserted. We were unable to receive payment and have no way to pay our suppliers. The fledgling partnership faced significant challenges.

We were in crisis and were working hard to find solutions. We hoped to have the opportunity to continue to cooperate with our suppliers and tide over the difficulties. During the subsequent negotiations, fortunately, a noble person vouched for us, allowing us to continue our cooperation with the supplier.

Then we worked hard to gradually pay off the previous debts in advance, and we passed a relatively big crisis.

Special thanks to our suppliers and strategic partners. Your continued trust and support are our most solid backing. We also cherish the trust between each other and are willing to face future challenges together.

At the same time, we are also grateful to those who have helped us in our growth process and trusted us.

Go International

The rise of foreign trade has given us the idea of ​​selling motors overseas.

When we first started doing foreign trade, we didn’t know anything. We were just a small team full of enthusiasm. But we had a teacher at that time, and that was Alibaba. Alibaba provides a very complete elementary foreign trade course and gives us a lot of support.

We cross the river by feeling the stones, persist in our faith amidst repeated mistakes and failures, and continue to learn and make progress. Later, we also retained this concept of persistence in faith and unremitting learning, which became an important corporate spiritual core of Kinmore Motor.

I can still clearly remember our first overseas customer, which was from Turkey. They placed an order for 5,000 motors, and they wanted gear motors. Twenty years later, we still maintain a stable cooperative relationship with this customer.

All customers are our precious friends, and we are willing to provide the best service solutions and establish long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationships. Every cooperation is our motivation and goal to move forward.

Team Growth

In terms of team building, we have taken every step from 0 to 1 and from 1-2 in a down-to-earth manner.  

After years of accumulation, repeated disruption and reorganization, our business department has become an excellent team;

The technical department is the safest guarantee for our company, ensuring each of our orders reliably and efficiently;

The marketing team has also begun to take shape. Professional market planning and development has opened up a broader world for us.

Within the company, we optimize internal processes and upgrade the customer management system to bring better work processes.

We also provide employees with family visiting holidays, organized travel and other benefits, giving employees a better work experience and promising a better working environment and future.

For those who have worked at Kinmore Motor, at this important moment of the 20th anniversary, we also miss you very much; thank you for your efforts, and welcome to visit us.

Looking to the Future

Twenty years have passed by, and we have become an international and large-scale Chinese enterprise. From a small office at the beginning to today, we have gone through countless difficult moments. Regarding the future, in the face of uncertain situations and challenges, I still firmly believe that we can continue to develop and survive changes with our entrepreneurial spirit, seriousness and persistence.

I hope we can Stand together to build a better Kimore.