Kinmore Speech

Founder and GM of Kinmore | Mr. Li Chaoping

Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Keep Moving Forward

Time flies like an arrow.
Kinmore Motor was established in August 2003 and has celebrated its 20th anniversary. After 20 years of ups and downs and journeys, a seedling back then has grown into a big tree today, with lush branches and leaves, standing at the forefront of the industry.
In this beautiful season when the autumn breeze brings coolness, and on this auspicious day of special significance, we are gathered here with joy to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kinmore Motor.
We have gone from having only a few employees, a few tables and chairs, to now having multiple production bases, our own R&D team, and thousands of employees, all thanks to our focus and enthusiasm for the motor industry.

In 2005, we established the Tangxia Motor Factory; in 2012, we entered the field of reduction motors and began to develop and produce gearboxes; in 2016, we established our first automated production line; in 2020, we launched a series of brushless motor products.

We closely follow every step of technological innovation in the industry and stay ahead of the industry. Every step is down-to-earth, with the goal of producing more excellent motor products, and rigorously responds to every customer demand from corresponding needs, to matching solutions, research and development, to production.
We have achieved remarkable results over the years. Each product is the result of our team’s hard work and research and development. It is an excellent product that has passed the test of the market and time.
In the future, we will also uphold our unwillingness to compromise on products, expand more smart products, match the smart needs of modern life, and provide one-stop purchasing solutions to meet customers’ customized needs. This is our constant goal.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our partners, relatives and friends who have cared about and supported the development of our company along the way! I also express my deep blessings to everyone at Kinmore Motor. Your help and dedication have illuminated our journey forward.

Remain true to our original aspiration and keep moving forward.
In the next journey, we will adhere to the company values ​​of “Partnership, Speed, and Customization” to overcome obstacles and move forward resolutely, contribute to the realization of human intelligence, and add glory to China’s micromotor industry in the world.