Kinmore Solution in Home Cleaning:

Higher Speed, Increased Efficiencies.

5 Series Motor with Fans: Stable and Efficient

Motor diameter: 35.8 mm
Durable: ball / oil-impregnated bearings
Suitable for high-efficiency fans
EMC EN55014 compliant

Our company has experienced research on the motors in upright vacuum cleaners and horizontal vacuum cleaners. Based on the RS-545 motor, we have developed a variety of vacuum cleaner motors. In terms of size, the diameter of the RS-545 motor is 35.8mm and the length is 50mm. The size of the fan can be customized according to customer needs. In terms of performance, the motor speed of the 5 series vacuum cleaner can reach 40000rpm, and the vacuum degree can reach 9Kpa. The specific performance requirements can also be improved or customized according to the performance requirements of customers. In order to reduce the resonance of the motor under high-power operation, this series of motors generally use ball bearings or oil-impregnated bearings with better wear resistance. All motors of this series meet the CE certification EMC test for home appliances: EN55014 standard.

Our company has reached a stable cooperative relationship with many well-known household electrical appliance manufacturers on this series of motors, with a stable supply chain and guaranteed production capacity.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Motor : RS-390SH

Motor diameter: 27.7mm
Built-in cooling fan, varistor, etc.
vacuum degree: 2761 Pa
EMC EN55014 compliant

For handheld vacuum cleaners, we have developed a smaller size 3 series vacuum cleaner motor, RS-390SH. The diameter of the RS-390SH motor is only 27.7mm, which is more suitable for small hand-held vacuum cleaners. In the vacuum degree test, when the motor is at maximum efficiency, the vacuum degree is 2761Pa, which is enough to meet the daily use requirements of handheld vacuum cleaners. At the same time, RS-390SH has built-in cooling fan blades, as well as varistors, capacitors, and inductors, which have excellent stability while ensuring performance.

Vacuum Test of RS 390SH

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Brushless Motor Series: Ultra-high-speed

Motor diameter: 45.0mm

Ultra-high-speed: up to 120000 rpm

Customizable hall sensors, drivers, etc.
High vacuum degree: up to 18 KPa

The high-speed characteristics of the brushless motor have great advantages for vacuum cleaners with relatively high speed and performance requirements. Therefore, we developed the brushless motor KBL4560 series to meet the high speed requirements of some customers. The KBL4560 brushless motor has a diameter of 45mm, a motor length of 62.2mm, and an air inlet designed to be 17.35mm. High speed is an important feature of this motor. In the experiment, the rated power and the closed state, the KBL4560 motor speed can reach 120,000 rpm. The vacuum degree of this motor is very high, up to 18KPa, which is a veritable high-efficiency vacuum cleaner motor.

like the  other brushless motors , we provide the performance customization of this motor, and also can customize accessories such as sensors, built-in drivers, encoders, etc.

Breakthrough in the Sweeping motor: RS-396

Motor diameter: 27.7mm

Suitable for small roller / brushes

4-pole (2 antipoles) NdFeB magnets, 6-slot rotor; increased output, up to 70w

Sweeping motors are mostly used in sweeping robots, or some vacuum cleaners with a sweeping function. The traditional brush motor mostly uses 2-pole ferrite magnets, the power of which is often not high, only about 50w. This RS-396 motor uses 4-pole (2 antipoles) NdFeB magnets, a 6-slot rotor, which makes the motor power output 70w. Moreover, the RS-396 can match the customer’s smaller roller brushes/sweeping brushes, and the weight is lighter.

Kinmore is the first manufacturer to launch this motor in the market, and it is the first choice for improving the quality and performance of sweeping products.