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Gearbox Specs:
Motor Specs:
Motor ModelVoltageNo LoadAt Maximum EfficiencyStall
Current Speed CurrentSpeedTorqueOutputCurrentTorque



What types of motors do you supply?

Kinmore mainly produces DC motors, including brushed DC motors, brushless DC motors, Gear motors, etc.

Can you provide other additional spare parts for the motor?

Yes, our company not only provides motor, but also provides leads, gears, worm gear, connectors, encoders and other spare parts customization.

Can the motor be customized?

Yes, our R & D team can develop and customize the motor;

Motor customization projects include motor dimensions, internal structure, performance parameters and related custom accessories, etc, to meet the requirements of the motor working under different conditions.

What kinds of certifications have the company's products passed?

Conventional products have passed RoHS and REACH certifications; EMC, CE, UL and other standards can be certified according to customer needs.

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