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Gearbox Specs:
Reduction Ratios17.331.351.8105155278466732
Gearbox length| mm17.820.423.125.828.5
Rated torque| kg·cm0.
Rated speed | RPM27515791.945.13117.610.56.8
Stall torque | kg·cm1.834.9913.321.435.950.8
Rated torque | kg·cm0.50.71.22346
Rated speed | RPM35820412261.341.423.814.4
Stall torque | kg·cm2.74.57.513.620.132.554.5
Max Instantaneous Torque | kg·cm2.
Motor Specs:
ModelVoltageNo LoadAt Maximum EfficiencyStall
Current Speed CurrentSpeedTorqueOutputCurrentTorque



Could you send me a quote/price list?

All of our motors are customized according to the specific needs of the customer, including life, noise level, voltage, shaft specifications, etc, and the price will vary according to the number of years, so it is difficult for us to provide a price list.

If you can tell us your detailed requirements and annual quantity, we will offer you a reasonable price for both parties.

What are the noise levels of your motors and do you have noiseless ones?

Our motor noise control is at the leading level in the industry;

Usually, we define the noise level of the motor (in dB) based on the background noise and the measurement distance.

Noise is divided into two categories: mechanical noise and electrical noise. Mechanical noise is mainly related to the structure of the motor itself and the running speed of the motor (generally speaking, the faster the speed, the greater the noise), while electrical noise mainly comes from the sparks generated by the friction between the brush and the commutator.

Currently, there is no noiseless motor in the motor industry. We will improve the design to make the noise of the motor reach the level required by customers.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of the product?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) of our conventional brushed DC motors and brushless DC motors is 5k-10k/Lot; and the minimum order quantity of conventional reduction motors is 1k/Lot.

Can the motor be customized?

Yes, our R & D team can develop and customize the motor;

Motor customization projects include motor dimensions, internal structure, performance parameters and related custom accessories, etc, to meet the requirements of the motor working under different conditions.

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