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Gearbox Specs:
Reduction RatiosRated Torque| kg·cmRated Speed | RPMMax Instantaneous Torque | kg·cm
Motor Specs:
ModelVoltageNo LoadAt Maximum EfficiencyStall
Current Speed CurrentSpeedTorqueOutputCurrentTorque



What are the types of gears do you use in gearbox?

We now produce a complete range of gear types.

According to gear structure: straight teeth, helical gear, bevel gear, worm gear, worm gear;

Accroding to gear material: plastic teeth, metal teeth (copper, stainless steel, powder metallurgy).

What are the international shipping options and which countries/regions can you deliver to?

Our company has in-depth cooperation with international logistics, supporting express, sea, air and other transportation modes;

It can be delivered to all countries or regions in the world.

What kind of brush is used in the motor?

We usually use two types of brushes: metal brushes and carbon brushes. The choice of brush depends on several factors, including the speed, current carrying capacity, and life expectancy of the motor. For smaller motors, we usually choose metal brushes; For larger motors, we tend to choose carbon brushes. Compared to metal brushes, carbon brushes have a longer service life and can significantly reduce the wear on the commutator.

Can you provide a controller for brushless motors?

Yes, we provide the whole brushless motor solutions including the controller.

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