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At Max FlowAt Max VaccumAt Max EfficiencyAt Max Suction Power
 H (Pa)\388227612586
 Q (m³/min)1.26\0.390.42
Cur (A)8.3735.0868.3198.431
Pin (W)61.937.7761.562.31
Ps (W)\\17.8417.99
Eff (%)\\2928.86
Note:F-Built-in Cooling Fan,C2-Built-in 2pcs Capacitors, J2-Built-in 2pcs Chokes,V-Built-in Varistor,R-Flux Yoke


Do you have any subsidiary or agent here?

We do not currently have any subsidiaries or agents, but we are open to future cooperation. We are always looking for partnerships with companies and individuals around the world who are willing to become our local agents, allowing us to serve our customers more closely and efficiently.

Could you tell me the lead time for samples and orders?

The delivery time of general DC motor samples is usually 10 to 15 days, and the delivery time of gear motor samples is 15 to 20 days.

If there are special customized requirements, such as lengthening the shaft, special reduction ratio, etc, the delivery time will be extended accordingly.

The standard order lead time is 35 days, but this time can be adjusted according to different models, production cycles and order quantities.

Do you have products in stock? Can I have some samples?

All of our motors are custom made and are not in stock, so we may not be able to supply them if they are only needed for personal use or replacement. If it is to be used for sample testing before an official order, and you can accept our MOQ and price conditions, we are willing to provide samples.

How much is the sample cost?

For low-cost samples less than 5 pieces, we can provide them free of charge, but the freight should be borne by the customer (the customer can choose to provide the tracking number or arrange the Courier to pick up the package, both of which are acceptable to us); For samples in excess of this quantity, or customized products, we will charge the corresponding sample fee and shipping.

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