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ModelVoltageNo LoadAt Maximum EfficiencyStall
RS-545SHFJ2-5321F18//4.74227500ø87.5 blade31.66//
RS-545SHC2-5322F20.4//4.78328400ø87.5 blade37.31//
RS-545SH-7006F7.4//17.29738500ø65 blade40.08//
RS-545SHVC2-7504F3.6//17.29738500ø65 blade40.08//



Can you provide other additional spare parts for the motor?

Yes, our company not only provides motor, but also provides leads, gears, worm gear, connectors, encoders and other spare parts customization.

What types of motors do you supply?

Kinmore mainly produces DC motors, including brushed DC motors, brushless DC motors, Gear motors, etc.

Do you have any coreless/outer rotor brushless motors?

Our company has a complete range of brushless motors, and can provide motors with special structures such as coreless/outer rotor brushless motors.

Do you have any subsidiary or agent here?

We do not currently have any subsidiaries or agents, but we are open to future cooperation. We are always looking for partnerships with companies and individuals around the world who are willing to become our local agents, allowing us to serve our customers more closely and efficiently.

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