Solution for Hairdryer

Hairdryer, also known as Blow Dryer. An electrical appliance is used to dry and assist the hair in getting a look. In 1925, when the first hairdryer appeared to the public, it was inefficient, bulky, and could only be found in big sizes. Now engineers have improved the design so much that you can get as much as 20 times. These days you can find a hairdryer exactly of your choice. The choice of hairdryer depends upon the motor used for blowing air to dry the hair.

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

The Hairdryer has an electric motor, a radial can, and an electric heater, and a casing. The motor’s shaft is connected to the shaft of the fan of the hairdryer. When Current is supplied to the electric motor, the motor’s shaft rotates, which results in the rotation of the fan blades and blows air. The blown air passes through the electric heater and out of the hair dryer casing.

Motor Features: