Motor Solution for Coffee Maker

Kinmore Motors has put a lot of time and effort into product-based research and development while manufacturing motors for coffee makers. They created a customized DC motor solution for a Coffee Maker. The RS-395PH-2262R motor model is Kinmore's drive solution for Coffee Makers.

What is a Coffee Maker?

A coffee maker is an appliance designed to make barista quality coffee at home without the need for human intervention in the process. This home appliance is based up of electric and electronic components that has been designed to brew coffee and make the process automated in order to provide comfort to the customer. High torque motors for coffee makers are used to provide best results. The motor solution for coffee makers is our primary concern here since we are a motor manufacturing company that focuses on customized motor solutions.

Working of Coffee Making Machines

Water is pumped in a coffee maker via a pump that connects the water reservoir to the heating element. This pump has the ability to create high pressures of up to 130 PSI, which is not feasible without the use of a coffee maker DC motor. The pump is connected to the electric motor by a tiny disc, and when the disc spins via an electric motor, the pump operates. As a result, the drive solution for the coffee machine is powered by the power supply’s current. A PID controller may be used to regulate the operating cycle of the motors in coffee makers, offering superior control over the motor.

Role of Motors in Coffee Makers

The DC motor for a coffee maker is designed to draw water by the means of a pump. This is done by creating a vacuum in the place where water is to be drawn.  This requires high-speed motors for coffee makers in order to create a vacuum with high torque as well since a large amount of power is required to produce a vacuum powerful enough to draw the water.

Kinmore Motors has put a lot of time and effort into product-based research and development while manufacturing motors for coffee makers. They created a customized DC motor solution for a Coffee Maker. The RS-395PH-2262R motor model is Kinmore’s drive solution for Coffee Makers. Now we’ll compare the motor specifications to the motor requirements for Coffee making machines.


Working Voltage

A motor must work with the voltage requirements of the solution for which it was designed. As previously stated, the coffee machine’s motor is a 14V DC motor. The coffee machine drive solution from KM Motors has a rated voltage of 14V and a typical working voltage range of 12-16V. This is appropriate for the situation.

Operating Torque

Every motor-based application requires torque, and the torque provided by any motor must be somewhat higher so that the application may use the torque required without jeopardizing the motor’s life. The RS-395PH-2262R motor is a high torque, high-speed motor for a coffee makers that also meets the torque requirements of the application. This motor has a maximum torque of 118.1 and a maximum rated speed of 6300RPM at maximum power output.


Because it is critical in today’s technology to provide the best and most comfortable environment for customers with their services, every motor’s noise factor must be kept as low as possible. Kinmore Motors has also prioritized noise reduction. The noise disruption level of the KM Motors-designed motor is less than 35dB. This proves that this type is a great low-noise DC motor for the coffee machines.

Motor Technical Parameters:



Rated Voltage

24.0V DC  

No Load Speed

9080±10% rpm

No Load Current


Load Speed


Load Current


Load Torque


Stall Current


Stall Torque


Direction of rotation


Motor Features:

  1. The electrical performance of motors such as Voltage, Speed, etc. can be customized after evaluation
  2. stable performance and high efficiency
  3. Small size (outer diameter 15.5mm), stable shock.
  4. Low voice
  5. Long service life    

Kinmore can be classified as a good motor supplier for coffee machines since all of the important characteristics were assessed and taken into account when creating a motor solution for a coffee machine. Their customer service team is always there to assist you with all of your motor needs. Visit get in touch with us, go to

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