High-end Electric Shaver Micro-motor Solution

A powerful and reliable motor is the guarantee of an excellent electric shaver product.Kinmore Motor has been committed to customizing micro-motor solutions for a long time, and launched an FF/FK-180H motor to help create the best electric shaver.

The electric razor was patented in 1898, and the first working electric razor appeared in 1915. After that, major manufacturers launched their own products one after another. With the continuous upgrading of technology, they will continue to upgrade and improve the user experience in the next practice. The electric shaver is driven by a motor. A powerful and reliable motor is the guarantee of an excellent electric shaver product.

Kinmore Motor has been committed to customizing micro-motor solutions for a long time, and launched an FF/FK-180H motor to help create the best electric shaver.

High-end electric shaver design, creating the ultimate experience

Tailor-made for each person’s beard, and our motor could automatically adjust the power according to the density of the beard, which helps to shave the beard more effectively and comfortably.

100% waterproof, whether it is dry shaving, wet shaving, or used with related products, it is very comfortable. The FF/FK-180H motor with high torque, high speed, low noise, and strong power can realize machine washing for the whole body, and it is worry-free to use.

Multiple accessories to meet various face shapes and fine shaving needs, with upgraded functions. Smart charging, easy assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance and easy cleaning.

The cleaning brush accessory can be used to wash the face and deeply clean the pores. Our motor FF/FK-180H supports multiple usage modes to create a more comprehensive cleaning experience.

The use of electric shavers has been seamlessly integrated into people’s lives, and has become a necessity for small household appliances that we use very frequently, and has become an important part of life.

The FF/FK-180H motor is powerful and efficient, better creating a seamless experience

  • The motor speed is as high as 5484±10%rpm, and the torque is as high as 78g-cm, which provides strong power for the smooth operation of the motor
  • The motor adopts special insulating materials, high-temperature insulating coating rotor, and Class B enameled wire is high-temperature-resistant
  • Use carbon steel shaft, galvanized steel strip shell, EMC compatible, life expectancy of 500+ hours, high stability and durability

We will customize electric shaver solutions according to different needs and levels according to the needs of each customer. Whether it is a travel electric shaver, or a high-standard, multi-functional shaver, we will provide a special supporting drive solution.

FF/FK-180H motors can also be used in 5G fields, personal care, medical fields, medical devices, commercial equipment, adult products, electric toothbrushes, beauty machines, card readers, and door locks. All categories can be optimized and customized in terms of their motor structure and performance, providing optimal solutions for use in various application fields.

If you have relevant needs or have any questions about the above information, please contact our sales engineers.

More about Kinmore

The main product categories of Kinmore Motors are divided into DC motors, DC geared motors, and brushless motors.

We have been cultivating for 20 years and provide all-round services for customized motors. Kinmore Motors has an experienced R&D team, professional and standardized production process, complete and advanced equipment and facilities, and a huge database for customers to use. Three large factories and thousands of employees guarantee production and provide customers with the most complete and reliable product-customized experience.

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